Friday , April 23 2021

The deputy of the SDS with the notes on the reading bathroom focused on the audience

The deputy of the SDS and former teacher Jelka Godec, with justice & # 39; Announcement of a tweet about the readability of the reading book in primary schools, has issued a powerful response from users. In order to correct the impression of ignorance, she was even more involved. It is believed that the apprehension of teachers and libraries is being sailed from measures that may help the reading book.

A member of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) on Twitter's social network has asked the question why it reads the booklet & # 39; The primary schools are compulsory. She wrote that "minority with the reading book, which pursues the basic purpose of learning a reader who will read his entire life, is preserved in children for years …"

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The record of & # 39; s Twitter & # 39; s users is guilty of their note, which & # 39; s at the beginning & # 39; explained the reason that, in comparison to house-keeping, the reading review was not obligatory, nor was it ever. It is true, however, that school services have also confirmed that the reading book "creates, for their children, reinforce their various things: reading words, reading fun, vocabulary, literacy, general perception, memory, and more. A child just most literary work (also poetry), usually with pleasure, "they explain.

"Teacher is not much of a tailor made to reach the goal"

Did she explain a previous math and physics teacher about Twitter that it was not a mandatory lecture, she said "she knows it's not mandatory but is considered a volunteer at school". They keep "asking themselves why they really do not meet the basic purpose of a" "reading purpose, learning a reader who will read his entire life …" Terror "of teachers and libraries in & The primary school is sailing from some measures that help it aim So the policy only leaves you … "She wrote. The problem is that teachers read children to read the badge as required. Even as a family.

Exploitation for the small ideological conflict?

The ambassador of "Slovenian language and reading material Boštjan Gorenc Pijam gave hope on Twitter that we continue to maintain this Slovenian trait in a sustainable way, and we do not want to use ordinary ideological conflicts, thank you writer Leopol Suhodolčan and teacher Stanko Kotnik says that she is fertile seed. "

The reading language is in a world unique to 55 years.

We have collected a number of interesting tweets from & # 39; a discussion:

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