Sunday , January 16 2022

That's Darja Gajšek.


Darzagan She did not hesitate when she and her husband decided to enter Emo's daughter in the manger. "From the nature of my work, to occasionally a little protection, I received a visit from September 1st onwards, and I do not need any special arrangements because fast-changing people also connect with people I do not know." Darja is a little worried that Ema is more calm.

»This is good, but you can not set yourself up yet. If any of the children want to have a toy, the little boy will not make a click. She only has her little toys, plush toys, she does not go anywhere, and of course she accompanies her in kindergarten.«

On the wall …

Of course, like all young children, Ema sucks. »If you paint on the wall in color, you will see me.
I keep saying this, say no. Then we take all the cloth and its artwork to get rid of it.«

The sympathetic leaders of Slovenian greetings finally want to sleep. I do not even know what will happen if I have another baby now. »I really can not imagine that I would have another child. Emma needs me most because she walks, talks and learns more. I hope we can bring it up nicely. "

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