Saturday , January 22 2022

Thank you for commemorating and commemorating the Association of Youth of Maribor.


The most prominent group in Maribor, caring for children and youth, celebrates its 65th anniversary of gratitude to volunteers and long-respected colleagues.

This year we celebrated the 65th anniversary of the Association of Friends of Youth in Slovenia and celebrated the 65th anniversary of the association's Friends of Youth (ZPM) two years ago, The first friend of the company was founded. In a ceremony at the National Hall in Maribor, ZPM Maribor emphasized volunteers "because without the volunteers, the association could not function that way and that way". He pointed out. Sasha MikichiPresident Maribor ZPM. The celebration started with a musical performance of a girl who loved the star and was prepared by a Gustava Suiliha Maribor elementary school student and was awarded to a long-time colleague and volunteer who co-produced and co-produced stories of young people's friends.

"Volunteers have the opportunity to adopt new knowledge"

Most ZPM programs in Maribor include occasional and somewhat permanent volunteers. Approximately 300 volunteers assisted ZPM Maribor every year and completed 70,000 hours of work in 2017. With recognition, volunteers received voluntary special awards from ZPM Maribor for over 10 years of bronze, more than 20 years of silver, and more than 30 years of gold.

You can build up your career through volunteer activities.

One student awards a young volunteer an award. Tadezako Cole, Youth Creativity House (DUM) volunteers, flight buses and holidays in Pohorje. Kokolov met while volunteering at elementary school and then continued to learn sign language for the deaf. "Volunteers have given us the opportunity to adopt new technologies and therefore have the opportunity to test in other professions." Kokolova has always had the time to volunteer thanks to the support of the school and its parents. "The shorter the time, the more time you can spend. Productive."

Sašo Bizjak President ZPM Saša Mikić received a Medal of Honor for special achievements in the field of working with children and young people. Cut candle.

A month ago, Kokolova passed the Slovenian Language Aid Assistant Exam, but is now preparing for an interpreter exam. I am taking an interpreter exam. I am taking an interpreter exam. Jobs help individuals find their careers.

Sašo Bizjak Majda Struc, president of Maribor You Friends of Friends, and long-time president of the Maribor Friends chapter of the Youth Association, received honorary membership of ZPM Maribor.

Majdi Struc's Best Award

The Committee of Maribor project for the Maribor project was awarded a special prize on behalf of the President of the Republic of Slovenia. Armand Paftonnik. Honorary certification for special achievements in the field of children and youth Cut can, A pediatrician known to all citizens of Maribor. For the first time in history ZPM Maribor has also been honored as an honorary member. She passed it. Margida SturukYouth President of Maribor's Friends of Friends and President of Maribor of Youth's Friends of Friends. "This recognition has a lot to me because it comes from circles of people who are similar or alike to my colleagues." The slogan of our organization is that it is never enough for children: they are familiar words, warm hands, We need people who are ready to help them, and ZPM is an organization they can all get, "experts say.

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