Sunday , August 14 2022

Sophisticated people only change essential information about real estate.


Property owners will no longer be able to change property listings for free through surveys, but they will be asked to survey the survey company or designer.

The picture is symbolic. Photo: Zdravko Primožič / FPA
The picture is symbolic. Photo: Zdravko Primožič / FPA

> "This guarantees the legitimate security of property owners against data recorded in the past questionnaire," said Slovenian survey and guidance agency Gurs.

After November 22, data on the location, shape, area, part of the actual building, and construction years of the building can no longer be changed via surveys. To correct this information, you must ask the geodetic company or designer for a geodetic service survey.

In building point of view, the entrance to the building is required within one month of completion of construction or at the start of new building use. The owner must submit the application with the sophisticated report to the nearest surveying administration.

The building owner, on November 22, will be able to provide data (electricity, sewage, water, etc.) about the building, regardless of the reconstruction works (front, roof), materials and building types of auxiliary structures, Information about the restoration year (windows, fixtures), elevator, ceiling height, floor and ward number.

However, they are no longer able to change this information through the web application, but you must complete the Real Estate Registration Questionnaire provided on the Gurs website. You will then be asked to enter data in the questionnaire. "This ensures the legal protection of the owner of all data in buildings and buildings, including data that changes only with surveys."

Owners are encouraged to check the data recorded in real estate through public insight into the real estate data provided in the electronic space portal. If the data is recorded correctly, the owner reports to the real estate registrants based on the questionnaire that they do not need to do anything.

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