Tuesday , October 26 2021

Sexy Nina after two days in action


Young and successful Nina Donelli She made a real musical scene again. Although it normally follows the trends, this time it has slightly devoid of song and has said it is a real musical chameleon. A new song titled Love does not end It will bring you to the sea in mind, although the calendar summer is still a long way.

"If I choose a song, then something that has to be moved in me has to be felt in my lips, only on my feelings, and sometimes I ask the team what they think.If the writer has indicated me Love does not endI knew this was. The song is beautiful, it's about how important love is. After a quick rhythm, it was also a time for a silly singer. I think they seem to me my hearers, "said Nina, a sexual woman.

The song was also received by the video conferencing, but the video was recorded by Nina two days after the song had first heard.

"The process of first listening to the song after the result was really short, instead, I was trying to ask another song that was already finished, and we also included the video. Love does not end and two days after I heard that, we all had the video again. I was just sting and I wanted to speak as soon as possible with the audience. We succeed in Serbia, the # 39 squares are great and the weather has served us. I wanted to see in the desert, but the time was not easy, "said Nina.

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