Monday , November 29 2021

Post of Slovenia has a new president


After the management of the Slovenian State Holding Company (SDH), by extradition of the mandate, new representatives of the # 39 owner appointed # the Council of the Supervisory Board of Pošta Slovenija, the Council of Tafel today joined the Grounding Meeting. Matjaz Šifkovič was named president, while Dejan Kastelic was appointed as his deputy.

Besides Šifkovič and Kastelic, SDH, as the founder or the only member of Slovenia's post, nominated the new representatives of # 39; the owner of the Board of Trustees, Zdravko Selič and Matjaž Fortič. Bozidar Pograjc and Aleš Arnejčič are the representatives of the worker's novel in # 39; The Board of Directors, expiring January 12, 2020.

General Director of Pošta Slovenije Boris Novak and a member of management Andrej Rihter in Vinko Filipič At the meeting, new supervisors with the operations and operations of # 39; the company, the important strategic direction and the most important acts.

They want to keep a leading market share in pets

Before the post of Slovenia, there are many challenges, to which the sector is in phase of transformation, reported to the company's meeting. If the Post of Slovenia has written in its strategy, it will maintain the leading brand market in postal services and the status of global post-employment offer throughout the whole of Slovenia. The quality is however adjusted to the actual needs of users and the changed situation on & # 39; the post office.

To eliminate more electronic communications services and classic changing services, Pošta Slovenije focuses on developing and improving innovative and competitive services. It follows the strategy of growth and development in the field of packaging and logistics services. It will also grow by expanding to foreign markets in the further region and the acquisition of companies with compatible activities.

Following the installation of the new router router of this year, the Pošta Slovenija Group is waiting for further investments to modernize packing and post dispatches, and to manage logistical processes, and follow modern trends by a fleet of electric car & # 39 ; s.

In 2018 the Pošta Slovenije group planted a total of 255.5 million in revenue and a profit of 11.4 million.

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