Wednesday , April 21 2021

Pension change: Early equalization of the assessment percentage between the sexes

The National Assembly has completed the second reading of the pension change, which supports a shorter transition period for equalizing the assessment percentage for men with the assessment percentage for women. According to the proposal, it will end on January 1, 2023, not just two years later. In addition, it increases the minimum disability pension. He will give a third lecture at the next meeting.

According to the pension change, which came into force at the beginning of 2020, the scale of assessment percentages for calculating the pension base for men would be equal to the assessment scale for women until 1 January 2025. At that time, the assessment percentage for men with 40 years of retirement was service would be 63.5 percent. According to the proposed proposal, it will be two years earlier.

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In the SAB, where they submitted the proposal, they first advocated for a three-year shorter transition period, but then reached an agreement with the government on the current solution proposal. The SAB still believes that the original proposal was more honest and favorable to individuals.

According to the proposal, the lowest disability pensions will be higher this year and will represent 41 percent of the lowest pension base. Compared to last year they will be about 50 euros higher and they will amount to about 383 euros. The increase under the proposal will apply not only for this year but also for the future. Both current disability pensioners and those who will be covered by a disability pension in the future.

In addition to some nomotechnical amendments, they have also adopted the Left Amendment, according to which the minimum pension will increase to 442 euros, which is the level of short-term minimum living expenses, and pensions for 40 years of service at least up to the level of long-term minimum living expenses. that is 613 euros.

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