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Our Exceptional Immunologist: "These viruses are not suspended until the end of life"


The opinion that winter is the most dangerous flow for us, while other stories are not worse, it's not true, warn our experts.

Due to a sharp drop in temperatures at the Slovenian medical association, residents are warned about an increase in respiratory illness. According to the data of the last seasons and attention to the instantaneous cooling, the increase of & # 39; The viruses are already expected this week.

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The doctors are mainly warned about the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), usually normal, with about two-thirds of children's books infected in the first year of life, and almost all children are protected by the second year.

"In small children, RSV is the most common bird's ability to bronchiolitis or inflammation of small eggs and pneumonia – inflammation of small longhorns,"

add our doctors.

The difficult course of the disease in the child

The risk factors for the infectious course of infection in children under younger than five years are low weight gain and incontinence, air pollution and (passive) smoking and victory. Risk factors are also social; Low average education and poor social conditions.

"A significantly more severe course has respiratory infections in children with chronic illness, especially for congenital heart disease, neuromuscular disease, endangered immunotherapy and chromosomopathies such as trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)



Liliana Kornhauser Cerar

of Gynecological Clinic UKC Ljubljana.

According to the gynecologist, breastfeeding is important for both children and children.

"For the most desperate groups of children, for example, for foreign animals, a Slovenian protection is available in Slovenia against RSV,"

Adds the head of the intensive care in the gynecological clinic.

The most common errors about RSV

It is a mistake to believe that if we overcome the cold, we have guaranteed the immunity associated with the same virus until the end of the season.

"It is possible that in one single season several times may be ill, even because of the same virus, such as RSV, because there is insufficient immunity in the body." At the same time, viruses are very similar colds are very much,


Miroslav Petrovec

of the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana.

"Even if different respiratory viruses have been infected more than five times in a year, they would not have opted for the rest of their lives"

Adds the head of the Institute for Microbiology and Immunology.

"We can do a lot with general preventive measures, such as regular handling with plenty of water and

soap, good hygiene, moving contacts between ill and healthy, regular ventilation of rooms,

movement in fresh air, healthy and balanced diet. "

In the case of reinsurance is it easier to get over?

The opinion that the RSV infection provides more permanent immunity, which meant that we did not get sick in the previous period, is therefore a distraction.

"Pregnant RSV infection does not give a longer immunity, so infections with this virus are in later years, and the disease therein in nine days in the disease. Convincing and drawing a superior power of a respective tract, "

experts add.

First, children are ill, but

Children in kindergartens were diagnosed with RSV's first contacts in 80 percent; In calculating, 74 and in third-party contact with 65 percent of children developed a disease through reef infection.

Despite the fact that babies and young children are likely to become ill, in epidemic also clinical signs of respiratory infection are also in 40 to 50 percent of older children and adults in households where they have ill children. In older people, the infection is serious, causing pneumonia, which may also be dead.

Get to the hospital

The opinion that if we argue with RSV, it is a cold cold and can be overcome "over the feet", without ill loss, and children can usually go to school, it's also very much.

In the first year of life, RSV arranges about two more children: Journal24 head

Журнал24 галоў

Increasing infection with respiratory viruses at work or at school creates a greater risk of complications and other illnesses in the disease, and at the same time spreading the virus around. the room and elevates the substitution of another person who is ill. "

RSV can survive over half an hour over hours and hours on airports, for example on a desk, a shopping cart or a handy job, "

They constantly increasing the scope of preventive medicines.

"Even in children's books, the family may have a lot of infections caused by restrictions (in winter), such as older siblings in their first year in domestic care, and the lower infectious substitution when the child starts to go to a preschool path or later group, "

Helena Mole, a pediatric specialist.

Doakers add that with the movement in fresh air we strengthen the immune system. They advise you to get less in shopping malls and massages,

"because the RSV is extra portable and high quality."

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