Friday , July 30 2021

Operator A1 will sell data on which users carry hard

With mobile phones we are transferring a lot of data over the clock, including the location is also interesting. We have already come to know that Apple or Google is very familiar with the location of smartphone users, but we should not forget that the operator is the same white. In reality, the operator knows whether more, but even if data can be aborted and all advanced features can be, the relative certificate can be the position of & # 39; The user is still alive, while his identity is also known. Much wider than Google or Apple.

And that's why it's not surprising that operators would like to get something out. If you see the invitation, the Finance Academy will organize an event on & # 39; e usefulness of business data, where the Slovenian operator A1 will participate as a partner. This is the first supplier in Slovenia to start selling sales analysis of mobile network users, including tourists and occasional users.

A1 will reject the anonymised and aggregated data of their customers according to the geographical location. When they say, they can help us find out where our customers come from, codes are movement, and so on. They will provide information that is just for a location in a one-month time frame with a one-hour resolution: source, number and density of visitors, time of arrival and time, time and extra analysis .

If we make it easier – do you think an analysis tells you how many Japanese tourists are in an average on a Sunday afternoon for your location? And on what basis should you also be a Japanese price list? 😉


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