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Operation: Diagnosis for small children is very rare

A new result in child labor with us …

At the surgical clinic UKC Ljubljana, for the first time in Slovenia, was the laparoscopic progression of adrenaline tumor in a 3-year-old child successfully performed in Slovenia. It is a minimal invasive laparoscopic procedure, which has been minimized with minimal intervention in the body, the tumor removal has been removed. Recovery is usually faster, the child is two days after treatment in the home, but only four punctuated mental health.

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The intervention was completed by a home care

Simon Hawlina


Robert Cordich

, and the surgery was performed without any complications, they were declared. "

The result is the result of many years of experience in laparoscopic surgery in adults, such as the problem of children is a small operating space and sensitive living structures. Increase is the result of a very good team of surgeons and instrumentalists who make appropriate instruments for this type of surgery

, Be Said Hawlin.

Same diagnosis

The doctor stated that the adrenaline tumor in such a small child is very rare.

"In adults, these interventions are normal, while children are strong enough to have all the structures smaller. For the surgery, all diagnostics of the baby's and baby foods were prepared "" Endocrinologist ","

Kordic pointed out.

Sensorization of surgery - surgery in UKC

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