Monday , March 8 2021

One million are expected in Slovenia at the end of March

The Ministry of Social Affairs announced that it expects to test the new European order coronavirus at the end of March. It’s a million tests. At the same time, a public tender is expected to be published, with the ministry expected to buy one million rapid tests.

Half a million rapid tests the state bought in December from a mass population testing company Majbert pharm, it worked. Although the Ministry of Social Affairs first announced that it would announce a tender in December for the purchase of an extra million rapid tests in December, it is expected to be published these days. On Tuesday, the ministry announced that the tender was sent for publication on the Public Procurement Portal, where it had not yet been published.

Quick antigen testPHOTO: Dreamstime

Slovenia also promises rapid tests of the European common public tender. The European Commission said it was conducting two procedures with rapid tests. The first is a donation to members as part of the purchase of 20 million tests, of which Slovenia will receive 100,000 tests, according to the commission. The second is a joint contract to which Slovenia participates, and the contracts are expected to be signed soon.

In addition, the Association of Health Institutions of Slovenia also buys rapid tests for health care institutions through a joint public tender, where they declare that the selection process among the received offers is still ongoing, and the decision will be announced at the end of next week.

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