Thursday , January 20 2022

New details on Samsung Galaxy S10


When it comes to believable dishes reported by well-informed sources, Samsung will start # 39; The following five new models of higher telephones indicate. If these sources have found that the new Galaxy S10 will be available in three versions (default version, large-screen version, cheap performance), they will now suggest that with a low loss in the market the fourth model will come Will, properties, and prizes place above the first three.

The new model is now called the Galaxy S10 5G, or it will be the first Samsung model to support the new standard of 5G mobile phone. But this will be the only news that this model will bring. Just as the smaller models will have a screen up to the borders itself, that will be even bigger or smaller. They say that the diagonal is 6.7 inches, which is a few millimeters more than the 5.8 and 6.4 inches S10 and S10 +.

The Galaxy S10 5G should have as many as six photo sensors. You just read, 4 rear and two on the bottom of & # 39; the phone. The two in the foreground asked the theory that the new S10 has a photo sensor for the selfies in the middle of the screen, such as a miniature opening on the screen. Hints appear to show the sensors in the screen of the screen, where their presence can be less noticeable.

If we have already reported, the Galaxy S10 will have a built-in Snapdragon 855 processor and in some cases its Samsung equivalent in Exynos processors. Sources near the department now develop that two processor kernels are specialized for new features in the field of machinery and artificial intelligence. This technology is used in processing photo & # 39; s, computer vision and voice recipient, that will make local calls on the phone. Samsung has, of course, developed a special trade trade program that will make the sound of financial news and voice regulation for shares possible.

The latest of five new features will be the new Galaxy F or Galaxy Flex, with the flexibility of technology, as it was launched in early November in # 39; a form of a prototype with the Infinity Flex screen. This will have a 4.6 inch screen in a staggered version that can be expanded to 7.3 inch. The phone will not be for everyone, they have a first prize of $ 2,000.

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