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Naval patients with UKC Ljubljana

Jan 20 2019 6:00

In the University Clinic Center (UKC), Ljubljana are patients with arrest, come to the hospital Dr. Petra Deržaja, director of the infection clinic, when the grab department in the said hospital is filled with 20 beds, UKC Ljubljana Aleš Šabeder's director told the press about the regular visit to tests, all intensive therapies and urgency .

"We have enough free cover for today and Sunday, according to the help of an oncologist, so that we can absorb an extra patient instrument this weekend," Shabeder said in a statement to UKC Ljubljana.

In all intensive therapists, both at an Internist First Aid (IPP) and at & # 39; An emergency surgical block and general medical care provision, the condition was just normal and the treatment of patients according to Shabedra's words remained.

They also visited the Center for Intensive Internal Medicine (CIIM) with the most complete patients, where an extra two-bed room was opened a week ago. "We would do this by temporarily changing healthcare staff of other intensive therapies, because we have a lot of time, a lot of staff in intensive therapy, and are four active 12 patients, but there are two free bets in this department, "Shabeder said.

Particularly, he points out that by increasing the incidence, the majority of UKC Ljubljana's divisions are subject to visits, and in some divisions a complete ban. In departments, the occupation is limited to one healthy person for 30 minutes or an hour.

The IPP supervision Gregor Mlinšek also ordered that the situation in the hospital be "under control". "In the night and yesterday there is a wealth of patients, because in this winter respiratory infections occur, not every kind of infection is grippe, for about 100 patients have been examined since Friday," he said, and Granted that all ten words are suspected of the Great, at the same time, there is evidence of grabbing. This means that as many as five per cent of patients who came in IPP in the last 36 hours were reported to have taken hold.

"In two, three patients are not smarter at the grab, they are not here because of the hard level of grip only, but they are connected and are older, so they need an intensive control," said Mlinšek.

Mlinšek responded that he did not know Croatian failures to be what kind of influenza virus is with us and whether it is similar in Croatia where there were already a few losses, and people with a good immune system also died. The three patients who are in the 24-hour hospital are a type A seizure, but analyze the immune system in this acute condition, he adds.

Šabeder commented on the expectation of the subject of Fak Fakin's faculty that hospitals with the patients with the current personnel and basic work can take responsibility, but with the good reorganization of the work. When he said, UKC has made a few steps to optimize the business for the last year. "At the moment we are also creating a list of business processes to improve the organization and try to make a large number of treatments with existing staff, both with doctors and with healthcare professionals," Shabeder explained.

However, the increase in the number of treatments and the reduction of sides in his opinion will not be possible without additional funds and payment of any specialist treatments, such as by Fakin promise. In certain segments, there is a chronic shortage of employees, however, after the warning, the complication must be filled.

"It's about trying to work in financial plans and the staff plan, so we'll have to try this year, probably in areas where there are too few experts, extra staff you & # 39; Outside the personal plan, "Sabeder gave.

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