Monday , January 17 2022

Ljubljana is the influence of industrial chemistry on the environment and health


According to Browsing, the aim of 'annual meeting of chemical safety within the Slovenian Medical Association and in cooperation with the Lybby Clinical Center is to inform doctor and other professional about issues related to environmental surveillance .

According to the press release on & # 39; e Brvar statement is air pollution important in pollution from chemical industry. According to him, he is the fifth most important risk factor that lends our lives and is an important factor in cholesterol, which is talked about a lot.

"There are various problems in Slovenia, depending on the location and type of industry, many of older times, such as mercury, lead and asbestos contamination, and emerging issues such as biomass and hydraulic stimulation and breakdown".

Metoda Dodic Fikfak of the clinical institute of labor, traffic and sports medicine has said we have "old sins" in Slovenia, and also marked silicon dioxide or other carcinogens. Quartz sand, organic whole formaldehyde, benzene, flaky organic solvents and heavy metals.

According to the evaluation, the consequences of such pollution on the environment and health are very severe, but it is difficult to determine if the individual is tightened by the contaminated environment. Including other problems with fertility, cardiovascular disease, and increasingly increasing the presence of hormonal diseases, cancer and related diseases.

Janja Turšič from the Environmental Agency of Slovenia declares STA that meteorological parameters have an important influence on & # 39; the contamination of water and soil, and especially of air. "In Slovenia, we have the biggest problems with the PM's 10 PM particles in the winter, and in the summer we are high levels of ozone," she said.

She points out that both ozone and personal pollution levels are the highest if we have a stable weather that is being asserted by people as beautiful. "The high weather just brings our good air quality," she said.

The President of the Eco Circle, Uroš Macerl, who is also the recipient of the Goldman Environmental Award, specializes in the fact that he is in & # 39; the preparation of amendments to the Environmental Protection Act sought to join the society "to come out of all the procedures."

The seventh seven-day gathering session is organized by the Center for Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology in the Lybjeun Universal Clinic and the Clinical Toxicological Sector of the Medical Association.

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