Monday , November 29 2021

For the first time in the public: Michael Schumacher's latest interview for a tragic accident! (video)


These were his last words in public.

The family of Formula One star Michael Schumacher has published a clip that just made two months before the accidental death in Swiss Alps. The interview was made on October 30, 2013, less than two months before the epidemic in Swiss alps.

The conversation tells the seventh time World Cup champion of Formule 1 about her career, which ends the year for the second time. He was the most emotive title of the 2000 champion, his first was with the Ferrari team, and Miko Hakkinen was the most respected of all competitors. He showed that his idol Toni Schumacher – the German football match, with whom they did not speak.

For Formule One he said he was a striking team of sports and he always was in doubt about his skills. "It is important that you are not too confident – you need to be skeptical and look for improvement." It was always like me that I did not have enough work to do, it is part of the recipe for my success, " say in an interview, here you can see below.

The 49-year-old is still back in his home in Switzerland. Only close friends and family members can try it, but it is little known about his health status.

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