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For Slovenia, the Argentinean plays # Slovenian slides #video


If every year, some of the best tennis players this year & # 39; the final event gathered. Among them are our best Slovenian actors Dalila Jakupović and Aljaž Bedene. One of the most important tennis players Kaja Juvan was also present. In Davis Cup, promised our promise, but captain Miha Mlakar has a new win in # 39; open the team.

For the closing day in Ljubljana, there was also a press conference here the actresses in # media Dalila Jakupović in Kaja Juvan. Both have already determined that they play for the Swedish national team in the Fed Cup.

He has a lot of money from his father

She was most up to this season Dalila Jakupović, it has made a number of exceptional tennis representations and the 69th place in seasons has already reached the 69th place, and the progress is also expected at the representative level. "The most important thing is that we all die well, so we think the results are coming in. We know each other well with the girls and the captain," she said at the moment that the 80th player of the world, # 39; this year has an exceptional leap, his father.

Dalila Jakupović


What success of our actress has gained most of the cities among all things

Kaja Juvan and Marko Umberger, chairman of the Tennis Association

Kaja Juvan and Marko Umberger, chairman of the Tennis Association
Photo: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

Juana never hopes to stop

Kaja Juvan It was impressed by the youngest tennis categories, where they won the most important tournaments. This year it proved what was known to the WTA. There it is for as many as 381 seats pre-sent. Only 18-year-old woman Ljubljana is now on 174 places and she has said, this year she is sent from young people. It is true that Juvan won two gold medals at the Olympic Games of Youth.

"I hope I will take a step forward, and I'm already young in child care for the past year." The games were a pleasant experience and I hope I take a step further in the member states, "said Kaja, her sporting tour is very special.

It will also be a change for us in the Davis Cup

For the girls, the stage was taken over by a male team. Miha Mlakar, captain of the Slovenian national team in Davis Cup, showed that Argentina's Slovene roots joined the Slovenian team. And in lower selections there are also changes in Davis Cup.

"This year, we are in contact with Argentine Slovaks, Tomaž Lipovšek Puches, who is a specialist for the couple and also has a passport for Slovenia."
Photo: Sportida

"The biggest changes are the highest level of demand, but there are also changes in our group." The main thing is that we play only one match a year. "In February, we will draw and only we will see whether April or September will be and whether we play at home or not, with victory or objections, we can go one level higher or lower," said Mlakar, 39; Another important secret was discovered.

"This year we have been in touch with the Argentine Slovenes: Tomaž Lipovšek Puches, who is a specialist for two and has a passport in Slovenia, agreed with him that he will play in Davis Cup next year," he said . Captain, who believes the Davis Cup just can double the dice on the scales.

Bedene hopes he's got something

Aljaž Bedene

Photo: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

The best Slovenian player in this season was Aljaz Bedene. If he himself gave, he had different options and delivs in the season. "On the sand, that was my favorite base, I was expecting a bit more, many times I was the first set and had a breakthrough, and ultimately lost, it happened and I hope that that I "I want to get these matches in the upcoming season, to get it higher," he said at the moment, our best tennis player, who recently operated the other operation.

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