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November 22, 2018 – In the coming year, the world will be divided into two groups for further persistent threats (APT). The first are complete novices, full of energy and the desire to take part in the game, while others are the traditional, most commonly-targeted attackers. If Kaspersky Lab announces target groups for 2019, is compiled in the Targeted Threat Predictions report in 2019, the second group will present a major challenge to businesses. Experienced
The threats investigate new and constantly advanced techniques of attacks that are far from being difficult to determine and identify.

Annual online threats were developed by Kaspersky Lab actors based on their expertise and knowledge over the years, and also on target groups targeted by the Global Research and Analysis team. Inserts, in & # 39; with a series of examples of business and technical threats, some of the & # 39; find the most interplaying things and understand the safety of the security you
may be in the next 12 months.

The end of the Great replaces permanent threats
As the online security industry silently detects high-ranking region-sponsored activities, potential attackers can hide and disappear from the radar to advertise advertising and the opportunity to explore. With sufficient means they can expand their tools and operations so that it is difficult to attack and discover their writers.

One of the most likely scenarios is that this new approach will lead to using instruments that specialize in attacks on goals that fill their core and networking. The new strategy gives the suspect the risk of focusing on activities that are unpaired, referring to the infected computer network, or to make more rare attacks on selected goals.

Other direct threats to 2019 are:
Calls on the delivery chain remains. It is one of the worst types attacked in # 39; The last two years have been successfully worked. Due to these attacks, companies are forced to consider the number of suppliers who work together and how they are protected. In 2019, this will remain an effective factor of infection.

Mobile malware does not go anywhere. Many dangerous warns campaigns contain a mobile component, which is the list of possible victims. Although we do not make major problems with malware in selecting mobile devices, we will continue activities and new ways of targeted attackers to get access to victims.

Networking of infected computers in the Internet of Things will grow at an unstoppable speed. This can be a recurring warrant year after year, that no one should underestimate. The networks of secure computers in the area of ​​the Internet have power, they can make them very influencing in bad hands.

In the future, email will cause e-mail attacks to ensure a particular organization or individual and unauthorized access to sensitive information (spear-phishing) will become even more important. Data on various attacks on important social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Twitter are now available to anyone in the market. Valuable liability for the amount of data from various social networking platforms help helpers improve their own
success in this attack factor.

There will be new concepts of replacing permanent threats to the center. While it appears that the more recent attacks have disappeared from the radar, new players will be in & # 39; the arena. The permissions are never so low, with hundreds of high-effective tools, a built-in software that uses traffic in the computer system, and various folders, are all accessible to everyone and can be used by anyone. In two regions of the world such groups become more widespread, namely in
Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Public battle is highlighted by the industry. Research on recent major attacks, such as an introduction to Sony Entertainment Network's digital media services, or an attack on the US government, has brought a Democratic National Committee to a new level of justice and public awareness of threats. Exposure and debt can be used to create a sense of opinion, which is part of the justification for serious diplomatic consequences worldwide.

"In 2018, the attacks will lead to new paradigms. Public awareness has been raised, and expert studies have been highlighted by important online operations, which will make the topic of news stories around the world. The online landscape, as well as search for targeted attackers, to carry out their attacks in silence and smoothly, so the likelihood of success is increased. This change means that the new, large and compulsory operation is great
Unsurprisingly, at the same time, this art of attempting and indicating attacks to the next level, "explains Vicente Diaz, a security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

The announcements were developed by Kaspersky Lab Security Services from around the world. Forrester, a research committee, described in assessment of safety expert providers as "strong player" ("Sterker Performer").

The complete list of Kaspersky Lab's Threath Predictions for 2019 & # 39; is available on the Securelist website. On the link you can transfer your memory and read what Kaspersky Lab's experts have announced in the field of replacing permanent threats to 2018.

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