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Ditch of the German contingent to sell Adrian's bankruptcy


The plans of the German fund 4K Invest, the # 39, at the time of # The privatization of Adria Airways, a business community and the convergence of the region of Southeastern Europe, has been unchanged.

Our national carrier, the # 39 in recent months with a lot of loss and replacement of flights in & nbsp; Last year, this year will be unofficial information, with one of the highest losses in its over 50 years history.

Due to its poor financial situation and more than 50 million obligations it is arranged under the control of a public communications agency that provides for the safety of passengers. He even threatens his license for flying and landing flights, which would mean Adria's bankruptcy.

The absence of liquidity was also influenced by employees who were over 400. Due to liquidity problems, the Board sent a notification of compensation for salaries to staff members. They do not have a comment on Adria's day.

Art criticism

Now, the Germans have found a way to place the lungs in the balance and increase until at least the beginning of the next year.

According to our information, the absence of capital will be in two steps:

– The company will get the brand Adria, end of 2016 sold to a company that is connected to the 4 K Invest Fund, and for what time he pays loyalty. With this maneuver, Adria has released from bankruptcy or bankruptcy.

– By agreement with the government and the extension of the rental period for the land in Brnik, there is the administrative building of Adria and owned by & nbsp; the state.

This would not only reinforce the value of Adria's, but would also lead to an artificial increase in its capital. And without that, 4 K investes investing one euro of fresh cash.

Adria Airways

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Is Adria Airways threatening the landing of aircraft?




Adria: most of the money is already in charge

Chief Executive Officer of Adria Holger Kowarsch It also promised an extensive cash capitalization to load liquor problems and convince the Civil Aviation Agency that it is the worst measure that is to fly a license.

In October, he said that ten million euro of cash was used in Adria at the end of the year. A week ago it repaired and the capital increase went to the first four years of the following year. For the year he confirmed a 4 million recapitalization.

Holger Kowarsch, director of Adria Airways

Holger Kowarsch, director of Adria Airways
Photo: STA

Adria ensures that 4 K has already invested a large part of the promised fund's fund and that it has a head injection with cash. In the business register of companies, no increase in capital is still registered (still).

In two and a half years since the owner of Adria, the German fund was only 1.5 million euros in & # 39; company. The remaining liquidity was received by Adria at the cost of suppliers and other business partners.

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We publish a document: The situation in Adria Airways is very serious




All routes lead to a tax haven

4K invests a new controversial maneuver with the Adriatic market, opening the documents of the company that we have received in redaction.

From them is the evidence that Adria joined the Ljubljana company company STBE, which purchased the market. His owner is dr. Stefan Beulertz, a lawyer from Malta, also found the end of # a complicated 4K Invest, the owner of Adria.


Photo: Pixabay

His name appeared in the so-called Paradise Papers, published by the International Consortium or Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on & # 39; end of last year. In 2006, Beulertz founded six companies in Malta, a tax haven.

His company STBE needs to pay eight million euros for the brand, but Adria never seen this money. A company that is not formulated at Adria, provides the purchase for each year by earning licenses.

In Adria, despite the official connections with STBE and the fact that Adria's aqueduct takes place, they think that "we have a brand of an independent third party."

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Adria Airways owner exerts fictitious payments in the survey




Redireare cashflows

This ensures the question whether Adria was damaged as it sold and sold.

Adria, for example, compared to more than 630,000 euros of representatives last year under the contract. In addition, it has made an extra € 1.6 million of revenue to "outside the EU market". With whom he operated, it is not visible from public accessible sources.

Thus, with the brand management, STBE re-emerges from 2.2 million in just one year. With the current dynamics, in a few years, they would like to pay the full purchase, which will run the representations in the net profit.

Adria, on the other hand, remained alone without a major part of his responsibility, but also lost the unfathomable STBE income from December 2016.

stewards of Adria Airways

Photo: Klemen Korenjak

Now, the Germans have decided to get back their market due to bad financial conditions. After generating eight million copies of the capital in 2016, it is expected to redone an additional million euros of capital.

"The market is becoming increasingly important for the company or for our business partners, and so (…) the brand returns to the whole company," said Adria's first man to representatives of employees.

He calmed them that this did not affect people. There will be less in terms of capital, capital expenditures and new revenue through branding.

Adria Airways

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If you fly to Adria, you can use additional stops




They controlled the controversy of Adria, three months later they left

According to our information, trademarks have become a proportion of fraudsters that have the truth and rigidity of the financial position of # 39; the firm must affirm.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Hedvik Hribšek, which has checked the Adria's balanced plates before 2016, the unexpected sales of the market at the end of June last year. In her opinion, she has not opted for a reservation or a consultation.

Less than three months later, Hribškova PwC left. They asked why she had gone out and whether they were offended by Adria's revisions, they never gave up at PwC.

Regular exchanging of auditions

Although the public association for civil aviation found that Adria was one of the conditions for fullness at Last year's full day, the new pwC account Dusan Hartman provided management of Adria's management and ordered the last balance sheet of the year.

This year, for the first time, Adria has deferred treatment for two years following years. Previously, the accounts for one year by Deloitte, Constantia Plus and KPMG, lasted in 2015, when it was still state-owned, issued an opinion with a reservation.


Photo: Reuters

Are they aware of the circumstances of Hribshkova's departure, they are not responsible for the Public Audit Agency for auditing. They have only said that data companies are not required to report it. The office it is running Mojca Majic, otherwise this year was not Adria Audit.

"The Agency controls the quality of the work of audit companies checking audiovisual organizations, such as PwC, at least once a year," they add.

They will be less affected by Ljubljana

The first man, Adria Holger Kowarsch, explained at a recent meeting this year was very difficult for the company, we learn unofficially.

The expansion of the aircraft Bombardier CRJ will no longer be intense, which has an impact on airplanes. In the coming year, they will focus on reducing risk, especially in & nbsp; The price of fuel, which in the last two years has increased dramatically.

They will continue to take control of aircraft with a crew (ACMI). The aircraft were paid by eight aircraft, namely to Brussels Airlines, Austria, Luxair and Lufthansa. In the coming year, seven aircraft will fly from Ljubljana Airport, while all unprofessional lines are already abolished. They will therefore focus on profit and not on Ljubljana, which will not profit.

Adria, like all other airlines, has major problems due to the lack of pilots and other crew members. If they had enough people, Lufthansa could have been in the context of the so-called law-lease, about an additional eight aircraft.

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