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Dejan Vunjak: I’m glad to see people love to sing my songs


In the third audition of the popular show, Slovenia’s talent, the 23-year-old Til Čeh from Šoštanj, who is a big fan of the popular musician Dejan Vunjak, also introduced himself to the audience and the jury. For comment on Til’s performance, we also came across Dejan, who is happy when people sing his songs.

“All I can say is that Til should do his best, do things honestly, do as much as possible and enjoy everything,” the singer admitted. PHOTO: Marko Delbello Ocepek

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23-year-old Til Čeh he makes no secret of the fact that he is right Dejan Vunjak his role model, so that he hopes to be able to do what makes him happiest in life – singing, performing and entertaining the audience. Dejan Vunjak also commented on his performance just for us. “I’m glad to see that people like to sing my songs. It fills me with energy and gives me an extra impetus, because it’s the most that the author can wish for,” admitted Dejan, who, however, finds it difficult to assess whether Til’s hit his energy. “It’s hard to judge myself because I do not see myself as an external observer. It’s always the hardest thing for me. (Laughter) I am what I am and what energy I already give people is probably because I really enjoy what I do. “

The 23-year-old talent Til Čeh presented himself with a song by Dejan Vunjak. PHOTO: Damjan Žibert

Is Til the real test to become a new star on the Slovenian music scene? “But it all depends on the people. They always say the last word. All I can say is that Til should do his best, do things honestly, make as much as possible and enjoy everything.” said Vunjak, who could not pass up the nice promise Branko Čakarmišathat if Til makes the semi-finals, they will Lado Bizovičar set off for his first party. “I liked the statement because the festivities are really the most authentic Slovenian parties, which have a really strong tradition in our country and I recommend such a party for everyone to experience it at least once. I hope the men have their word and do not break their promises. “ one of the more likeable Slovenes, Dejan Vunjak, commented laughing.

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