Friday , April 23 2021

Certificate Certificate: Another heavy woman is a genetically modified child

A study of the work of a Chinese scientist who created the first genetically modified twins confirmed that another heavy woman is having a genetic altered baby. Doctors will detail in detail, as a twin.

A controversial Chinese scientist He Jiankui, which in November November announced that it had created the first genetic fashion doll, stopped with one experiment with its experiments, discovered the study of a Chinese authority.

They confirmed that another woman was heavy in experiment. She is still heavy and treats a genetically modified baby. The future mother will be seen strongly by doctors in the future, as already born genetically modified twins are under constant medical table.

Children of DNA have changed, so they can't get HIV infection.PHOTO: AP

He changed the twin or her DNA with Crispr technology that could not cope with HIV infection. In his experiment, eight couples participated in a male partner who was HIV infection and not a woman. One couple later left the survey.

His experiments received a sharp criticism of both the scientific professional and the public, who warned his work was being vowed, and the consequences of experimentation by future generations. Chinese authorities have also critically responded, where experiments with altered genes are prohibited, as in many other countries of the world.

Research has been launched illegally and on the lookout for personal glory, a real study by the Chinese authorities.PHOTO: AP

The Chinese research into his work has also indicated that he researches and projects illegally investigates personal glory and benefits. He even wants to collect his own resources for his experiments and thus prevent the supervision of his university in Šenčen. With private capability he delivered a foreign team and used it & # 39; technology where security or efficiency is not guaranteed & # 39; for the illegal genetic modification of & quot; embryos & quot;

However, his experiment warned of another burning Chinese problem – the growing epidemic of HIV in China. In the past few years, they have seen a significant increase in the number of successful people.

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