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By 11 AM, 15.29 percent of the voters voted.


Voters across the country elect local representatives to delegate power over the next four years. By 11 AM, the turnout is 15,29%. The highest participation rate was in Osilnica, with nearly one-third of the voters casting votes, the lowest voters participating in Žetale, and the participation rate was 5.7%.

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By 11 AM, according to unofficial data from the Election Commission, 15.29% and 259,435 of the Election Commission participated in the vote.

The number of participants is recorded at 11 am or 29.91% in Osilnica (105 out of 351 voting boards). . The trinity committee followed by Slovenske gorice (29.76%), Jezersko (29.29%) and Sol (29.28%).

Low participation in Ljubljana

By 12 noon, they had the lowest participation rate (63 out of 1105) in only 5,7% of the voting classes. 8.74% of the voters voted in Dobje, and there were few votes in Komenda. The turnout was 9.48%, and Ra-e-Fram was 10.65%. Ljubljana is followed by a 10.92% market share by 11 o'clock.

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By 11 AM, according to unofficial data from the Election Commission, 15,29% or 259,435 of the voters were voting.

The highest participation rate at 11 am was in Osilnica, where 29.91% of the people voted (105 out of 351 voters). The trinitarian commission was followed by Slovenske gorice (29.76%), Jezersko (29.29%) and Solčava (29.28%).

Low participation in Ljubljana

They had the lowest participation rate at 11:00 in Žetale, where only 5.7% of the voting beneficiaries (63 out of 1105) voted. 8.74% of voters voted in Tobe, 9% in turnout, and 9.48% in voters and in Komenda, where Rače-Fram (10.65%) voted. Ljubljana is 11.00 with a participation of 10.92%.

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If the game is a bit nervous, & # 39; When they are all determined, they fall asleep & # 39;

LM & # 342; Marjan & arecHas voiced their voice in the Kamnik in the local elections in March and hopes to get results as they want. Local elections are the most important, he said. What is happening in the community is for people. BestHe explained that it is important because it directly affects the results of the work.

& # 34; I made some leaf pages, but I did not overdo it because I had to progress gradually. & # 34; He said after voting. Everyone will be happy. SucceedHa, wherever you are.

When a journalist or an election said he was "surprised," he said he did not deal with the problem. & # 34; Bo, it will be. Voters will decide for themselves. & # 34; He said. Otherwise, if the candidate knows better, it is always good for him. A little nervous when the game is always good. Perhaps more than that. Voter, & # 34; He thought. When all the decisions are made, they are asleep. It does not matter, but it is not good for democracy. & # 34; He remembered.

That day will be fine. "A week ago I talked a lot about the budget, so I gathered things I can not do. He explained. Allies will come to the LM Precinct. In Kamnik, the election results will be open.

& idan: Local elections are at least as important as state elections.

For members of the National Assembly Dejan & iDana, Who voted for Murska Sobota in local elections, local elections are at least as important as parliament. "You will prove to be an active citizen in the election."

When he said he was an id, in the community, in it, i childrenThey go in. vrteC, Olo, Se gameShe has a doctor, we take care of her safety and cultural life, the hope of good and evil, and good saints and saints allow us to do this. # 382 We live better.

The difference between state and local governments is that in the latter case, "people can vote for more people." & # 34; I like the concrete "wizard" here. So they move on to the point of the client working on the land, and there is the moon. However, as a speaker of the National Assembly, I believe that participation in the elections represents the trust of local communities, nations and the people of the EU. ;

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& # 39; It is always good if the game is a bit nervous. If everything is decided, they can fall asleep.

Award and President LMŠ Mayan ŠarecThose voting at polling places at Šmarje pri Kamniku's polling place express the hope that the party can achieve as much as they want. Local elections are the most important, he said. What is happening in the community is most important to the citizens. Because they can feel the results of the work themselves.

"We made some leaves, but we did not overdo it because we needed to go gradually." He said after voting. I am pleased to be successful every time they reach.

Expecting to be surprised at the questions of journalists, or in this election, he said he did not deal with this. "Voters will decide for themselves" He said. According to him, there are always more candidates. "If the game is a bit nervous, it's good and there may be more voters." He thought. "If everything is decided, they fall asleep and their participation is low, which is not good for democracy" He remembered.

He will be working today. "There was something I could not do because I talked a lot about the budget in a week." He explained. In the evening we will go to the LMŠ election staff at Kamnik and wait for the election results.

Zidane: Local elections are at least as important as parliament.

For members of the National Assembly Dejan Jidana, Who voted for Murska Sobota in local elections, local elections are at least as important as parliament. Zidane wants a good response from the voters because he says that by participating in the election we are proving that we are an active citizen.

Mr. Zidan found that in our community, our children are allowed by kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, doctors, safety and cultural life, excellent markets and markets, good saints and saints. You can buy better.

The difference between Zidane and the National Assembly is that in the latter case, it can become more obvious that people vote in the referendum. "I think that we are faithful to the positions of the politically cooperating parties and that the participation in the local elections as the speaker of the National Assembly means the trust of the people of the community," he said. In everyone. "

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Regarding the candidates' complaints about side effects, he said it was very difficult to talk about people with a certain courage in the election.

It is also very difficult to ask us what we need to do to make significant improvements or to participate in the upcoming European elections. Because there are convictions in the election for the conduct, we should not, however, prefer to adopt the Code of Ethics for People's Functions and Actions in Congress of Parliament.

64 reports of suspected election silence by 11 AM

The Ministry of the Interior has a time service until 11 am. today We received 64 complaints of electoral silence, which lasted until Friday night and lasted until 7 pm. Of these, 36 are the most treated. Related to the post. dru & # 382;Flyers and materials can be posted with your mailbox at home.

For the twenty-eight notices, she said, it was not about electoral silence, or it was immediately proven that it mentions pending issues. Irena Likar Secretary of Home Affairs.

By 1900 hours on Saturday, there were 38 positions, of which 22 were dealt with. today By 7 o'clock this morning they had 50, and 29 of them were taken into account, Rikarova said.

In the first round of local elections in 2014, 209 complaints of alleged electoral silence were made on Saturday and Sunday.

212 Slovenia municipalities today New management choices. About 3200 voters can speak about new and seasoned lawmakers in more than 1.7 million polling stations. The elections will also take place in a community with the existing parts, where the local parts, places and communities are established.

They are open from 7 am to 7 pm on Sundays. When you close it, & # 353; & # 269; Election silence is also enforced, which prohibits any activity that represents voters voting on candidates or flyers. For the election silence, election campaign organizers are fined from 150 euros to 600 euros, individuals from 150 euros to 400 euros and from 700 to 3,000 euros.

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Regarding the claim to non-regular workers, he said it was a very difficult word for the courageous people in the election.

There are also very difficult questions about what to do to greatly improve participation in European elections, according to the Jews. Because of the election, we want to adopt ethical codes of conduct for the function and conduct of parliamentarians, even those convicted of unwanted behavior.

Complaints about suspicion of silencing 64 elections by 11 am

The Department of Internal Affairs Emergency Services began today at midnight by midnight and is valid by 7 pm and has received 64 reports of suspected election silence. 36 of which relate to social network announcements, used car flyers, and mail box material.

Twenty – eight reports were immediately found to be irrelevant to the violations of the election silence or the issues already under consideration. Irena Likar Secretary of Home Affairs.

By Saturday 7 pm, 38 violations were reported, 22 of which were processed, and another 50 were received by 7 am today, 29 of which were heard at the hearing, Likarjeva said.

In the first local elections in 2014 there were 209 reports of electoral silence on Saturday and Sunday.

The new leader is currently selected from 212 Slovenian municipalities. Approximately 1.7 million voters will vote for the new mayors and city councilors at over 3,200 polling stations. The municipality where the narrower part is established will also hold elections for sacred local, village and quarter communities.

Polls are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sundays. Closure of the polling place also includes electoral silence, which prohibits certain activities, which indicate that the voter is in a vote on one of the candidates or leaves. In case of an electoral silence violation, election campaign organizers will be offered fines of € 700 to € 3,000, ranging from € 150 to € 600, and individuals from € 150 to € 400.

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