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Attention, car owners are waiting for a new tax


In the coming year, auto owners can wait for a new tax. It is paid by someone who has expelled his bike from the traffic and will not be released within a year.

On April 1, 2018, the weapon of the Motorwagens was introduced into force, introduced an introduction to a control car. It will have to be paid by the owners of cars that do not re-register or persuade within the next year after the authorized contractors, after flying from the traffic.

The preparation for a new duty is coordinated by the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Plans and the Directorate of & nbsp; the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure and will be in force on April 1, 2019

The freewie truck


The end of the bargain? An important innovation on automobiles.




According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, a total of 80,000 bicycles of each year were spared in Slovenia.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, a total of 80,000 bicycles of each year were spared in Slovenia.
Photo: Tamino Petelinsek / STA

A tax burden of 25 percent of annual registration

If the owner of 'checked' cyclist at that time gives ownership to another person, the new owner will be obliged to pay for ' The charge for re-routing within the same time period as the previous one.

Whether or not a property of a transfer within a year of using '# 39; The bill will pay tax on his bike. This will make 25% of the annual duty on the use of traffic jams, but not less than EUR 25.

"The tax-controlled levy does not apply for any expenses or allowances, it will be the owners of checked-up cyclists if they are regulated or registered under the regulation," believes the Ministry of Infrastructure,

The duty must be paid once a year, but for a maximum of ten years. It is not necessary to pay as the owner of a car breaks, requires ownership, retrieves registration in a foreign country, if flying, has the status of a dying, and so.

They will also not pay the duties if they submit to the administrative unit or the holder of a public license:

– Certificate of destruction of cycling in accordance with the environmental protection rules
– a police record indicating that the vandalism is injured;
Beware that the cycle is registered in another country, or
– Export bill confirming the exit of a bicycle from the area of ​​# Society of # 39; the Union.

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