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A Slavic visitor in Rome and Moscow, Croatia has preserved his head in Munich


We are behind the last games of Tuesday, the 5th round of football soccer championships. This time we did not come for Slovene performances. The young, 19-year-old striker Jean Celar, was surprisingly in the Rome team for the game was not even on & # 39; the bank of the Romans, lost 0: 2 to Real Madrid. His friend Jaka Bijol sat down on the bank of CSKA, who died with Viktor Plzen in Moscow with 1: 2. It will be different on Wednesday, when it will be with Atletico Madrid and Inter in Jan Oblak or Samir Handanović.

The Derby of Tuesday was in G group in Rome, where we expect a match between Roma and Real Madrid, which was an intimidating, in the evening for Italy, the news came to Rome's coach Eusebius Di Francesca A young, just 19-year-old Swedish spit was also found in a game against European champions Jean Celar.

An hour before the game, it was clear that the earlier boy of Maribor, season 14 seasons in the youth club of Roma in this season scored seven seasons, can not wait for the debut list. He saw the match with the tribune, it was not even on the bank. In the first half he saw a beautiful Roma missed the chances, but could not succeed. He realized he was ineffective in the second half when he won two times with a 2-0 victory at least a little forgot about the recent painstaking first-ever resistance against Eibar.

Viktoria Plzen asked for a great victory in Moscow against CSKA, where Jaka Bijol did not play.

Viktoria Plzen asked for a great victory in Moscow against CSKA, where Jaka Bijol did not play.
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Without a Slovenian presence in Moscow, where `CSKA was a painful decision

Madrid and Rome have promoted two hours for the game, such as Viktoria Plzen in Moscow, with 2: 1, defeated CSKA and the Russians, with the young Slovenian midfielder Jaka Bijol This time sitting on the bank did not have the chance to play, preventing them from being allowed to hear in # 39; the final round, while they are in Madrid.

They will now only compete for the Europa League, the third is coming.

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The Slovenian Jew hopes Luka Modric will not forget the deal




One Croat has preserved his head in Munich, scoring another scores in Turin

At least a bit left by Niko Kovač.

At least a bit left by Niko Kovač.
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In Group E he could hold the head coach of Bayern with a high win 5-1 on Benfica for a while Niko Kovač, It's not bad at the Championship. He also gave promotion. Like Ajax, you won 2: 0 in a whole AEK host.

In group F, Manchester City with a 2-2 mark in Lyon also provided a promotion, while in the final round he walks between Lyon and Shahtar this time Hoffenheim was deleted. The French, who have been in the Champions League for the fourth time, have seven, while the Ukrainians have five points.

In F group, it is also clear that they had come to Manchester United already, not getting impressed and won Young Boys with Old Trafford at 1: 0, while Juventus, the # 39 scored a goal Maria Mandžukića after delivery Cristiana Ronalda scored about 1: 0 on Valencia.

Hard work for Cloud, Handanović at Wembley

Jan Oblak tries to conquer Borussia with Atletico and first win in group A.

Jan Oblak tries to conquer Borussia with Atletico and first win in group A.
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On wednesday, it will be important at 18.55, when Atletico in Madrid hurdles Monaco, which has a big crisis, has many injured players, and has been threatened in the French Championship with a powerful blow to survival. Jan Oblak Monaco hit this season with the team. He was better at home with 2: 1, but then a wealthy club of the Principaal still did not lie Thierry Henry.

According to Škofjeločan, Slovenian goal leader in # 39 will be another goal, Samir Handanovic Waiting for an exceptionally important London round. Tottenham slaughters Tottenham 2-0 at San Sir, and now they will visit Wembley at Londoners Chelsea on Saturday.

Barcelona, ​​the only player in the Champions League, who was already deleted in four rounds of teamwork, has to be left to Eindhoven to become the top Dutch PSV player. The Catalans will not fail Luis Suarez (knee joint development).

Lionel Messi Barcelona PSV "class =" article_related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src =" http://siol.net/media/img/a1/4e/cf661bd6bcfb52dd5ddc-lionel-messi-barcelona-psv.jpeg


Record salaries in Barcelona, ​​where footballers expect a minimum of 12 million euros!

The derby from midnight will be in the harshest and even the only group C, where PSG and Liverpool will be at the Prins Park in the Hollywood Festival. In the French Championship, the recent ones were wounded Neymar in Kyliana Mbappeja.

The Red Star will try Napoleus to conquer Wednesday on Wednesday. It will move with the guests.

The Red Star will try Napoleus to conquer Wednesday on Wednesday. It will move with the guests.
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At the second meeting of the group Napoli and Crvena Zvezda will be in & # 39; The city was closed under Vesuvius, which can not count on the hell of their fans due to the punishment. In the previous round were the Belgian belts, but in this season they had plans for the Napoli players, so they were refused any hits in Marakana.

Who has already made progress (1)?


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