Saturday , January 22 2022

ZSSK is looking for a seller to repair personal chips


The contract must be four years and its value must be 5.92 million.

The Railway Company Slovakia (ZSSK) sells a seller to repair personal chips. Especially it is the passenger currency of the Bdt and the car 063. The contract price of # The drawer can be paid at EUR 5.92 million excluding the VAT tax.

This follows from & # 39; s announcement of & # 39; The announcement of competition in the term of office. ZSSK saves the contract in two parts. The first goes for the repair of Bdt passengers. It must be periodic repairs and unplanned repairs.

In assessing the price will not be the only criterion. The contract must be four years and the ZSSK pays a value of 3.68 million euros, excluding the VAT.

Maintenance and repairs

The second part of the contract is aimed at repairing built-in wagons of & nbsp; the series of # 063. These are higher maintenance levels and unplanned repairs. In that case, the ZSSK will not be the only criterion for the removal of a winner.

The estimated value of this portion of the contract is € 2.24 million without VAT and will read four years.

Interested parties may request parts or requests to participate in the tenderers until 21 December of this year. The contract will not be funded by euro funding.

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