Tuesday , July 16 2019
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You use Google Keep? You will enjoy this update

PHOTO: kaboompics (via Pixabay)

Google Keep is an app used to create and save names. They have many users who love their aesthetic capabilities. And these are the ones that are most likely to enjoy the last update.

The service comes in version 05.19.19., it will also bring the popular dark mode.

However, Google Keep Dark Mode will not look the same as in other services. In this case, the neutral white farm will be replaced by various dark gray damages.

PHOTO: 9to5Google

Dark gray Found on program homepage. The status and navigation panels do the same damage on Android Q, which results in a consistent implementation. Widgets are also customized to & # 39; dune mode.

PHOTO: 9to5Google

After you get the update above, open the settings and select an option to activate the mode Enable dance theme. If you do not yet have an update, no need is needed. version 19/5/19 It just started to come out, which means that it doesn't go on any device at the same speed.

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