Monday , August 8 2022

Xiaomi's robot vacuum cleaner crashes into AKCIA and sends it to the EU warehouse!


Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50
Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50

If you do not belong to a home love club, you are lucky. Workshop's Great Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi It makes a part of a dirty robot for you. And if it is not coincidence, there are many inconveniences these days and it is possible to salvage it.

So what can all this modern accomplishment do? Like a better piece, this apple is a Chinese apple compete, Where it is located Charging station (European Union (EU)). Thanks later 150 minutes After continuous activity or good work himself It joins and finds something missing. juice. When he does, he will be ready to act for hours.

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Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50

Second generation Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 There are two ways to control this. at first Hardware button Connect directly to your device, and then connect your mobile application to your smartphone in turn. However, it should be noted that the second control mode offers far more options or settings. Users find everything they need for their activities.

Start the robot cleaner. Thank you. Wi-Fi connection At work or in business. There is nothing on the remote control where data can be accessed.

Automated activities provide a combination. Executive motorčeka Small wheels and sophisticated high-tech system sensor (Together they are up to 13), thanks Mijia Roborock S50 You can point in the field. Cleaning the floor does not require much care.

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Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50

Vacuum cleaners can be found in the e-shop menu. TOMTOP 348.39 . Available places Big sale Consumer electronics. outside Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 There are other temporary discounts.

Imports to Slovakia are the responsibility of the seller. This item is also from. European warehouse (Germany), There is no need to worry about paying the obligation at all. The robotic vacuum cleaner should be roughly finished. 3 to 5 business days.

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