Monday , August 15 2022

Xbox Game Pass 16 new product announcements


Microsoft has focused on the announcement of XO's new Xbox Game Pass game. The Xbox Game Pass game will be a new and already released title for PUBG and Hellblade.

In particular, this month is reported 5 times, the next month 3 times. The rest comes from the beginning of the next title. Most notable is Crackdown 3, which works as a game pass on both Xbox One and PC.

November :

  • PUBG
  • A ghost agent
  • MXGP3
  • Thieves Thief
  • Thomas was alone.

December :

  • Kingdom: Two crown
  • Oriai and the Blind Forest
  • Hellblade: Sachena's Sacrifice

Things to keep coming:

  • Aftercharge
  • Crackdown 3
  • Good life
  • Supermarket Scream
  • A mutation solution
  • Ori and the will of wisdom
  • Pathological 2
  • VoidBastards
  • A secret neighborhood

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