Tuesday , January 31 2023

VW wants to produce electric cars for less than € 20,000.


Reuters was able to get information about Volkswagen in the near future. According to two sources at the agency, automakers are trying to retrofit three existing factories to produce electric cars, but are trying to fire them.

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The German Volkswagen Group, which has a factory in Slovakia, wants to rebuild three classic automobile factories with combustion engines for full electric vehicle production in the near future.

They will stand on the already known MEB platform. The MEB entry vehicle will be an affordable electric vehicle that will be a major competitor to Tesla Model 3. It will probably be sold in Europe by 2020. Volkswagen's new products are valued at up to € 20,000, making them the cheapest electric cars on the market. It will be made in Zwickau's factory.

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The question is how does other carmakers respond to alternatives to cheap electric cars of similar price. According to Reuters, however, Volkswagen wants to produce up to 200,000 units.

The second model is VW I.D. Aero (middle class sedan). The production plans to move the plant to Emden's factory where Passat is currently being manufactured.

The third model VW wants to take is the well-known VW I.D. Buzz. It will be produced at a factory in Hanover, Germany, and the VW T6 minibus is now in production. The production wants to move the automaker to Turkey, to Ford plant in the United States.

LookVolkswagen I.D. Buzz is a preview of a future minivan with autonomous control.

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Everything has to be discussed, and if so, next week, November 16, we will approve the automaker's strategic leadership.

According to Reuters sources, VW has been negotiating with American automakers for a long time in electric cars and cars as well as minibus production. We are also working with SK Innovation, a Korean battery maker.

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The reason for the rapid change in the production of conventional cars to electric cars is the need to comply with EU regulations (35% reduction of motor vehicle emissions by 2030) in order to secure customers in the future as well as market competition, massive emission scandals.

Some German cities have announced that they will stop dropping diesel vehicles from their center, but from a certain year (depending on the city), the gasoline vehicle will stop at the center. This is what the automaker wants to prepare.

Unfortunately, the automaker will not be relieved. According to Reuters, about 14,000 people will have to work by 2020 because of electric vehicle production, which is much easier to manufacture than a general incinerator.


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