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Video: Jendrišek resumes play (5 November 2018).


He already scored the seventh goal.

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Xanthi. Slovak soccer player Erik Jendrišek has decided to win the FC Xanthi team 1-0 at Asteras Tripolis on Monday, September 9, in Greece's best competition on September 9.

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Source: 05.11.2018 22:06

The 71-minute victory goal was already in seventh place at the 32-year-old Slovak striker of the Greek Super League, moving to the front of the Canon table.

He is with Efthymios Koulouris of Atromitos. Jendrišek scored a crucial goal to win Xanthi a week ago in a home game against Giannine (2: 1).

Thanks to the offensive power of Jendi Risks, Xanthi's Serbian boss, Milan Rastakac, has moved on to a four-round table with a five-point man from PAOK leader Sol (Solún).

"I have confidence and it helps me a lot, we work hard for training and are physically well prepared," explains Jendrisk.

An increasingly loud voice begins to resonate with the likelihood of his reappearance.

Features – Earrings

Features of Erik Jendrišek: The earrings never leave their ears. The biggest advantages: speed and speed.

He played in the World Championships in Africa (2010), played in the famous Bundliga, and clashed with the Czech Republic on April 1, 2009, one of the most famous goals in Slovakia's national team history.

He worked in five clubs in Germany. Hannover, Kaiserslautern, Schalke 04, Freiburg and Cottbus.

In Xanthi, he returned to attack.

Jendrišek left Slovakia in 2006 (he was Ruzomberok).

In 2010, he was the best gunman in the second bundesliga. However, the coaches gradually moved toward the wing, but they were getting more and more defensive defense.

In Xanthi, however, he is the player's best attack.

Will he return to the national team?

Former Slovakia national team is Greece's top contender in the second year and scored 11 goals in 30 games last season.

Jendrišek made his final appearance in Slovakia in 2014, but his current appearance makes him hope.

He played 37 games and scored four goals.

On Tuesday, a new coach from Pavel Hapal will be named for the league match against Ukraine and Czech Republic.

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