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Time travel has attracted people for hundreds of years. Scientists will know many ways to do it.


It is very important to realize that there are two types of time travel and are fundamentally different. "Einstein showed us his journey a hundred years ago, so I know what to do with it." Brian Greene, a professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University, said. Surprisingly, few people know this theory, and they may have bones. Einstein said that as we enter space and travel at speeds close to the speed of light, we will return to time and time, and time will change more slowly. So when we come back, the time on Earth will be the future.

Einstein said the time would be slow for certain people as they get closer to the edge of a strong gravitational circle (neutron star, black hole) and almost the edge of the object. Therefore, when we return to Earth, the future will be far away.

This theory is not at all controversial. "All physicists who know what he says agree." said futurism.com Brian Green. But traveling back in time to the past does not seem like a reality. Many scientists have ruled out his possibilities. In this case, at least people think that they should be careful when traveling to the past. "Hole of the worm ". Albert Einstein discovered the wormhole.

A wormhole is a bridge or tunnel that can move from one place to another. They found it in 1935, but when they manipulated the hole in the hole, they placed it close to the black hole. Then the time of the two holes in the tunnel does not flow in the same direction. So people will not only go elsewhere, but they will come at different times. This means that past and future in one direction can go in different directions.

But for clarity, scientists will not confirm the presence of red holes. Therefore, it is not even feasible to confirm whether these tunnels can actually move in space or time.

At least look at the Bratislava report.

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