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Roma from Slovakia settled in Sheffield, England, using the free migration option in the EU.

However, when Rome arrived in Slovakia, it had adverse effects on Pakistanis living in Sheffield for decades.

He writes about diaries.tutelar From article TU – Time Bomb: How social tensions are escalating in northern England

Koflikty between Romani and Pakistani communities is currently located in North American cities. The Guardian is an example of a case in a Page Hall school ending in late September. The rumor that a student from Rome had pulled the Muslim shawl out of his head did not get involved without much attention from the police. According to reports, there are 15 cars, helicopters and police handlers.

The tension between the Roman and Pakistani communities was stressed by David Blunkett. He stressed David Blunkett. He especially talked about the ongoing invasion of Slovakia in the Page Hall. "We must change the behavior and culture of the Roman community, which is the incoming community, or we will explode there, we all know." He explained.

Video explaining the Roman situation in England

The Guardian says Roma in the UK have similar actions to Slovakia. "They tend to grab, they go to the cheapest hostel in the cheapest hostel, and often choose a non-paying host, a big family pushing a two-bedroom house." The journal says.

The United Kingdom underwent a Roman crisis in 2004 after the European Union expanded on communist states, including Slovakia. According to their estimates, nearly 200,000 people were living in England. However, this number is likely to have increased by tens of thousands since.

There are growing questions among Sheffield residents. "When time bombs of potential conflicts and newcomers of other nationalities fail?"

"Rome negotiations with armed Pakistanis? Sifil de Mark is suffering from fear.

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An interesting video that explains the history of Rome


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