Friday , May 7 2021

THIS will be carried with her for the rest of her life!

Actress Nela Pocisková is currently making a big comeback on the screens, when she not only appeared in the lazy Mr. Professor, but also became one of the central characters in the new hospital, Jojkár. It is in the medical environment that the memories of a dramatic experience come to life in the beauty, which she still could not fully absorb.

The expectant mother fully enjoyed maternity leave, but her daughter Lianka recently turned three years old and it’s time to go back to work. The blonde cites the arrival of her second child offspring as an exceptionally strong experience, when the girl was unexpectedly asked about the world while driving.

nela was the daughter of Liana

“When it happened in that car, I thought in my head I did not mean it, that I’m really in the car and giving birth, ” At the same time, the actor’s partner Filip Tůma admitted that she had not yet had a traumatic event in her, and even persecuted her sometimes in her sleep.

“I think this will be with me until the end of my life. I’ve not even fully processed it yet, although I pretend to have it, but sometimes I dream about it myself, I just sometimes have flashes like that, ” In an interview with Topstar magazine, Pocisková revealed deep emotions that no mother wanted to deal with.

Source: TV JOJ / Topstar | Photo: TV JOJ / Topstar, Instagram / Pociskova.nela

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