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The state will build a new hospital in Razzo

The state wants to create a hospital in Razsoch as soon as possible.

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BRATISLAVA. The state will build a new Bratislava hospital in Rázsoch, and will not be associated with Penta.

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"According to the advice of the financial group at this proposal, negotiations with this company will not go further, and the government will do its utmost to build a modern state-university hospital in Razsoch as soon as possible," said Premier Peltgrini.

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Last week, Penta announced the offer of a state to buy a hospital built in Bratislava.

Despite this, the prime minister tried in May with the financial group to come.

Pellegrini wanted to give Pente an official offer to buy a hospital, but this was conditioned by a change of project and its expansion. If Penta refuses the state, the government wants to build in Razsoch.

The condition goes to buying a hospital to get a new medical vacation before it's own.

Rázsochy began to build thirty years ago, the hospital sketch has now been aborted and state plans are beginning to begin again. But his plans are lost by defying a demolition tender.

Penta's minority minority in Petit Press has no influence on editor-in-chief.

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