Tuesday , June 22 2021

The potential of hydrogen is enormous. Toyota is developing a revolutionary combustion engine with minimal emissions

Hydrogen is making itself known more and more, and it seems that the future for some producers is quite attractive and real. For example, the full hydrogen Mirai model from the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota even entered the Slovak market for the first time.

The brand does not expect any major sales, the primary task of the novelty is primarily to raise awareness of this sympathetic alternative to today’s conventional electric cars. Toyota is known for its well-managed hybrids, which it started paying attention to long before they became “popular” and today it bears the fruit it deserves.

At a time when others are driving electric cars and electrified cars to maximize fleet emissions from the portfolio, Toyota is focusing on the GR’s specialties and hydrogen technology with a clear head.

Proof of this is Toyota’s latest report, which states that the brand is developing a new hydrogen “combustion engine” to reach a carbon-neutral mobility company.

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