Tuesday , January 31 2023

The new Lexus LX attracts with an enormous mask, luxurious interior and off-road capabilities


When Toyota introduced a brand new Land Cruiser to us at the beginning of the summer, it was to be expected that sooner or later its more luxurious derivative would also be on the scene. We’re talking about the sibling Lexus and its offshoot LX, which represents a more ostentatious version of the famous off-road. This is what the Japanese manufacturer is presenting to us at the moment, as the 4th generation, which appears after almost 15 years of operation of its predecessor.

Despite the fact that the LX does not hide its technical basis and is similar to the Land Cruiser, both ends of the body were, of course, adapted to the aesthetic direction of the Lexus brand. At the back, they found a place with more elaborate and interconnected LED taillights. Compared to the Toyota, the bumper is also different, more chrome elements have been added, but the large Lexus inscription can also not be missing. The side view offers almost identical design, but the biggest change is in the front, where an unprecedented enormous mask has found its place.


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Zdroj: Lexus

Unlike the LX, the front parts of the Audi Q8 and BMW X7 also make a decent impression. Between the full LED lights up front, an enormous mask has found a place, literally a grill, that even runs to the bumper. The car manufacturer offers a choice of two visual versions: Ultra Luxury with “elegant” ribs or F Sport with a black diamond structure. The majestic unit can stand on up to 22 “discs, but they will probably not be famous in demanding terrain conditions.

The cockpit has undergone even major modifications, which plays a much more luxurious note in the LX model. The Ultra Luxury version only has an interior configuration of 4 seats, which offers greater comfort and space for rear passengers. The center of the deck is up to a few touch screens – the upper has 12.3 “, while the lower has 7” and is used to control the air conditioning. The third display is in front of the driver in the form of digital alarm clocks with a central speed indicator.

Zdroj: Lexus

Even in this case, however, the technique is still the most important. Like the Land Cruiser, the LX uses a body mounted on a frame, including the new TNGA-F platform. Thus, the generation between generations has increased, but at the same time, the luxurious off-road is about 200 kilograms lighter. Unfortunately, the large eight-cylinder has already called, the previous 5.7 V8 engine was replaced by a two-supercharged 3.5-liter six-cylinder. However, the LX has improved in performance – the six-cylinder has 305 kW / 415 hp and 650 Nm of torque.

The changes also took place in the case of the automatic transmission. The existing 8-speed slot machine has replaced the 9-speed slot machine, which sends power, of course, to all four wheels. You should not be surprised that the Lexus LX is primarily designed for the American, Asian and Russian markets. Even the 4th generation will probably not reach our extremes at all.

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