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The makers of the Line will bring the Slovak Game or Thrones to the screens

With the coming of the following week, there are several innovations that will make the movie maniacs happy. Fans of superhero movies, however, like it most interested in this year's Comic Con, where many exciting announcements were made. We're also new Marvel movies that we'll see in the fourth phase of the universe. Of course, it's been much more to bring in the world of movie and television the past week.

Netflix comes with a new crime series based on the actual event

Netflix has created a new series that is meant to resemble & # 39; s most popular 13 Reasons Why. The series called Unbelievable will tell an unbelievable rape story based on real events. The series is based on the article that won the Pulitzer Prize. The show will premier in September on Netflix.

The makers of the Line come with the Slavs series

The new series Slavs, in which the production company Wandy Adamík Hrycová, Wandal production, worked, has his first trailer. The series, which will be a historical work with elements of fantasy, is compared to the Slovak Game of Thrones. While this HBO hit had a record budget, the slaves tried to distance themselves from this connection. Films found in Ukraine and the show will be broadcast by Joj.

The Lord of the Rings of Amazon is close by

Amazon's "Lord of the Rings" is beginning to break into clear scenarios. The series will take place in the Second Age and should be better than Netflix's Game of Thrones and the Witcher. However, we will have to wait some time for what Amazon brings us. However, the first name, Markella Kavenagh, has already appeared in the cast. It doesn't have many resonant projects, but we can be sure that Amazon is definitely building on quality.

Halloween gets two more persecutions

Last year we could enjoy the return of a horror hit Halloween. He will come with another two to come in 2020 and 2021. The saga of antihrid Michael Myers is far from over. John Carpetner himself confirmed this on his Twitter.

The Witcher from Netflix has its first trailer

The Netflix Witcher is here. I don't mean yet, we haven't seen the premiere yet. But d is the first trailer to show Henry Cavill in the lead role of Geralt fan Rivia. There were a lot of concerns about the cast, because they feared that Superman could not break into life in this iconic character. However, as the trailer himself suggests, Henry Cavill has mastered the role and we have something to look out for.

Blada plays Mahershala Ali

Marvel got half-vampire Blade in his universe and Mahershala Ali plays it in the lead. He won the audience in a fantastic series produced by HBO True Detective. Last year he was also enchanted by the Green Book, for which he won an Oscar. Kevin Feige, president of Mahershal's proudly introduced company in the role of Blade at Comic Cone. In addition, Marvel also confirmed that Natalie Portman will return to Thor to redirect Taika Waititi.

Rick and Morty at the first four-year footage

Rick and Morty are back with the fourth season and without a doubt we have something to look out for. Dan Harmon will bring his typical humor and characters back to us. At the Comic Cone in San Diego, a short break from a & # 39; A forthcoming series will see you in the autumn.

Stranger Things 4 will start filming in October

Stranger Things 4 are already under development. In & # 39; the autumn it is shooting at the beginning, so it is clear that the next series will not wait long. It is not clear how much time it will spend in post-production, but as we know Netflix, we will be able to look to the show next autumn.

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