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The largest gold reserves are in the United States, but China has started to break


The United States remain the largest golden treasure in the world over Germany.

24. Nov 2018 at 18:46 TASR

WASHINGTON. The United States remain the largest golden treasure in the world over Germany.

To & # 39; s end of & # 39; A week later, MSN published a list of 30 countries that have more than 100 tons of yellowstone reserves. However, the port does not indicate that the day was the current ranking list.

The United States (8133,5 t), followed by Germany (3373), International Monetary Fund (2814), Italy (2451), France (2435.9), China (1842.6), Russia, Switzerland (1040) Japan, Japan (765.2), Netherlands (612.5), India (557.8), European Central Bank (504.8), Turkey (495.6), Taiwan (382.6), Saudi Arabia (322.9), United Kingdom ), Kazakhstan (289.3), Lebanon (286.8), Spain (281.6), Austria (196.4), Venezuela (187.6), Algeria (173.6), Thailand (152.4 ), Singapore (127.4), Sweden (125.7), South Africa 125.3) and Mexico (120.5 tons).

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The Russian Bank, the central bank of Russian Federation, reported at the beginning of November, expanding its golden reserves by 92 tons in the third quarter to 2036 t. According to her data she got to China.

The United States Statistics Portal has published the latest data on the golden reserves of country. According to him, in August 2018, China reserves 4904.1 tons. China conquered Germany and came second. The portal also saw growth in Russian gold reserves, or it was reported by the Russian report. Changes in the growth of reserves are also in other countries. However, they have no influence in their general order.

Unca (31.1 g) gold with a yield in December was 1223,20 USD (107214 euros) on Friday and was $ 4.80 or 0.4% compared with the fourth quarter.

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