Saturday , January 22 2022

The Kalavian contrast to connecting to apocalyps: do I have to work with Mickey Mousa?


"Yes, I do not have a treat that they have proposed, but I have signed a review, one that does not fit the patient" Kalavska said rebellious that all their decision makers are experts and are legal. He refused to take his person into political politics and combat farms.

SaS, for example, spoke about her husband Erich Kalavsky, who worked for Pfizer. "My husband, when I was at the Ministry of Social Affairs, the work of Pfizer immediately blocked and is currently unemployed in the pharmaceutical sector,"she said, reacts to information about her spirit, adding that she did not live with her and did not know why she would answer him.

Also, Peter Musil, director of the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Policy of the Ministry of Social Affairs, worked as a MSD Director. The minister held him. "I am pleased that Mr. Musil works in the Ministry of Social Affairs, he is responsible for a pharmaceutical department, which will be my belief, Mickey Mousa, or a man with expert knowledge and great history?" I always try to believe in the quality of life. Kalavska said.

The Liberals have said that people are connected with the Kalavska people with farms. So, like the minister, in SaS together in conflict of importance. SaS called for Prime Petr Pellegrini (Smer-SD) to do. However, she was again criticized Kalavska again for not submitting a list of medicines. They say that the minister is on the side of a farm.

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