Monday , November 29 2021

The Italian state is open to change


The Japanese industrial administrator registered a month-to-month decline of 0.9%, a sharp difference did not expect. Active indexes trade the following trade: Nikkei 0.35%, Hang Seng Index + 0.51%, CSI 300 + 0.25%.

Industrial production in Spain has included a medical decline of 0.5%. The trade deficit allowed € 3.3 billion. Ben and Portugal 's balance of payments recorded a profit of € 166.5 billion in the second quarter. Ldrami vEurpe were the television sector of the sector. The euro has strengthened the Italian government's tyranny, causing it to have a lot of violence, as the EU has the first step to defeat this country. European Union Indices closed as: Eurostoxx 50 + 1.21%, CAC 40 + 1.47%, DAX + 1.03%.

The annual rate for the 30th month of mortgage vUSA has a low drop on the speed of 5.16%. Provisions of sustainable types of bottling registered a month of loss of 4.4%, a decline of only 1.2%. New claims for the opposition terminated 224 tiscus, which represented a low rise in comparison to 214 tiscus oakvaniam. The University of Michigan University hit 2.8% on the same level as the federal reserve system. Sale of housing recorded fruit medicines grow by 1.4%. Oal is reported to grow so as to grow 4,851 million barrels and therefore grow. The oil price of the bag has been increased by the fact that the digestion is dropped. The MNI reports that the Fed believes it will be left by a monetary policy. According to the MNI, the FED may be ready or resp. to stop the cycle of raising the rates in spring. One vote of # elections of # 39; A Fed President Powell could finish the bill of tapping. This would result in success in exporting demand, weakness of fictional stimulation in & # 39; the United States, or the temporary influence of past sublimations in the FED rates. The Oak Fed is a FED with just three years of rising rates of 25 bp, then the metallic preparation psma reaches 2.75% – 3%. US companies end up trading as follows: DJIA + 0.00%, S & P500 + 0.30%, NASDAQ + 0.92%.

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