Wednesday , June 16 2021

The Czechs close our Celeste to the closet. Her humorous reaction became a hit

Young singer is a model for young women.

Celeste Buckingham has had a colder history from Slovakia, which has opened many young women. Boulevard published a photograph of her shoes and pointed out that she had selulite. This week has been a tough one. The Czech portal has written an article that has been included and listed as a cabinet.

Of course, the singer didn't want to get those women, they'd be at home in criticism. On purpose. In the first case, it was a big discussion, they explained that their body did not disappear and felt good.


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Photo: Instagram / celestebuckingham

They responded even better to the actual comment of Czech colleague's. They wrote a video on Instagram as they search photos from & # 39; wizards on the Internet. Look at the world, it's just "ordinary furniture". The material was commented on by dozens of people who & # 39; t speak for such a response.

Celeste shows that he had eaten food in the past. But now they feel better than ever before and do not all have "perfect" rates at all 90-60-90.

These rates are not perfect either. For example, not only Celeste, but also Veronika Cifrová Ostirhoňová, try to see the young women see that the poor figure is not the only one who wants to live it. And that no one is written that the poor girls are the beautiful girls.


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Photo: Instagram / veronikaostrihonova

Paste well into your skin

There is a trend in the world – "feels good in your skin". A star like Rihanna has danced pound, and her hard head doesn't. In & # 39; they have the chance to teach their big ass or shoes in their new collection of annoying ones. And who could tell him that he was going to have a cabinet.


It is also Beyoncé, that & # 39; t say they were not afraid to disturb their character to their twin birth, so they did & # 39; brought world. Now you feel comfortable, and when she wants to, she goes to the gym.

Comfort is, of course, not exactly the same

After her, of course, does not say that their fans overpower them and do not put in a bad lifestyle. All ladies just want to get older girls to learn from anorexia or bulimia, calorie daily and then they find that they have a weight weight, but the happiness has not brought them.


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