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Test: Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi 4×4 – diesel shows but not – tests – auto


With the second generation Duster we have already been informed in the form of a gasoline version of 1.2 TC. Now we have a proven 1.5 dci diesel engine, with a manual and a speed limit. Consume can you really wonder. The price of extra cost was high enough.

The new Duster has once more powerful lines including ...

The new Duster is robust again
lines, including rich mudguards that are so easy today
to look. It does not keep the chassis itself. The prestigious version can
gathered delicious buffers, satin sacks,
17-in-4 wheel disks.
Author: Ľuboš Pilc

Daciu Duster of # second generation came in & # 39; the late end of the second generation and became
At the beginning of the current test we have examined 1.2 TC 4 × 4. We have not saved
Praise, but Duster's new WLTP homologous procedure is inspired.
This was a sudden exit of these motors from the offer, but a few months after his
performances. It waits for a totally new 1.3 TCe gasoline aggregate. more
Today, the new test version of 1.5 dCi is 4 × 4. No, no
all the way. In the price list Dacia you find a new 1.5 Blue dCi diesel
It revered a higher emission balance through the SCR system. In addition, it is five
kilowatts stronger. But the basic characteristics would be so fundamental
do not change. So we just tried it.

Full evolution

Duster recently believed in the evolutionary design that he moved
new time, despite the fact that changing the code base of the original platform B0 does not change
and essentially the outside measurements. It is only 25 mm long (4.334 mm)
Two millimeters (1.693) and 18 milimeters (1,804 millimeters). to lose
None of his different DNA, but it does something lighter. in particular
Thanks to the larger windshield, it's made it more attractive
profile and some decorations, for example in the form of a plastic form
Direction of light on front of front and original background graph.
If you decide to invest, it may still be "chic".

The back light illuminates the original ...

The back light was stopped
with original Jeep Renegade graphics. The clear height is up to 210 mm.
So Duster is different than many expensive competitors on SUVs
not play.

Author: Ľuboš Pilc

Certification is just the Prestige version of the 17-inch two-color
with tasty buffers with chrome decodes, satin
stitches and, further, extra fine decorated dresses.
In this form Duster does not really cheaply cheaper. And that's true of his
interior. Although spatial parameters are not originally switched on, they have not changed
of quality is certain. Hard plastic have a better surface,
Unlike the Arrangement, village arrest and
of the toolbar with a TFT display. New four-wheel location
with dual-seat control and significantly better Duster change
of comfort.

Provides more convenient features

Although the multimedia interface does not fit the less dry crown of this Romanian
SUV, but on the other hand offers you a unreliable price shape
navigation, or drag-and-drop camera. And the plank also got other elements,
In the previous generation, the former generation only dreams of Dustrow's owners.
The new feature is keyless access and starter, automatic climate
with elegant controls with concentrated displays as new
Security features. Dust can be set up for example, for example
the blind store of levels. But there are masks. The largest is worse
Outlook. Larger collineunline, smaller window area and red roof
They were expected from the field of & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the governor.

New dashboard, new desktop, ...

New dashboard, new
Dashboard, new rafting and contrasting color duster
a much more solid atmosphere on board. But they still play hard
plastics. However, we have more to do with the worst perspective.
Author: Ľuboš Pilc

Duster also deals with short wipers. Great vast area, that is
Especially on & # 39; s side of & # 39; The passage in 'bad weather' does not help. Impressions of Cashew and so on.
non-bright multifunctional buttons. Work with cruise control
board computer is genuine art in the night. And then there's a narrow lace
put a high-pitched back or lower seat back
sit down. The suitcase grew but only a few liters in the year. Version 4 × 4
With a spare wheel it offers a small 376 liters. But,
That dust can make a turntable 40:60
Nearly horizontal floor, this helps helpless boards
a hole between the bottom of the fence and the backlash.

Diesel is quieter and safer

Under the hood was told about 1.5 dCi diesel, which was taken over by the other
Generation of first. You can, however, highlight the difference immediately after the beginning.
It is better isolated. This means less noise and swim in the hut.
In this respect, Duster should not even be ashamed of higher
speed up. Acoustic comfort also helps lower aerodynamic sound.
It has improved aerodynamics and new halls in the door. dynamics
The diesel duster does not do, but it takes more than 12 seconds for a hundred,
but not as much as the locals. Many will look for 260 Nm for a torque
torque and especially a special 6-speed gearbox you get
You must really use it.

1.5 dCi machine with 80 kW Dustermacht ...

Engine 1.5 dCi with a power of 80 kW
Duster stands without clear. He gives a moment and can be a model
capture. In addition, it is better soundproof than in the past. It's worth to say
gas modes that you will not find much more expensive

Author: Ľuboš Pilc

Not checking is the tracking of the track is fairly accurate, nothing
what you should fear, but because of leaving. The unit is extreme
short. It is a minority language. And if they are incidents
Also, two three, four and five placed. You can move smoothly
on & # 39; two and fifth on & # 39; fourteenth. On one hand the six is ​​the rest
The transfer has disappeared, it does not have to handle a speed of 70 km / h
important. While a hundred times the engine drives the six times only 2 050 times
Five are up to 2800 revolutions. The composition of Duster is so active as it should be
She did not have a classical fifth grade and they jumped straight from the quad

The voter guide has until six seasons.

The six-level manual has included
The sixth gear did not make a chore gear. The unit is true
"Reduction". It takes a moment to use to work with him.

Ľuboš Pilc

It's a compromise, but not a bad one. The short unit gets the care
With enough force on the field and the sixth, it is worth the effort to save
higher fastest. And believe in Dust can save you earliest
fuel. In the city, it's not ideal for driving economically, we are with him
under the five-liter limit. Also thanks to Eco Mode and Start-Stop system.
At the speed, when the engine rotates as rotating 2.700 rpm
The minute is thirsty, but you do not even get 6.5 liters.
So the average duster can keep well under six liters. it
The 1.2 TC version (92 kW) of the previous test was at least 1.5 liters
"Smädnejšia". But let's offer it, even glowing and dynamic.

Comfort on cost of stability

Riding with Duster is more enjoyable than ever before. not only
by the aforementioned acoustic trek, but especially saddened
uplifting. Perhaps too much, so in biting is the unlockable
Respect the scissors and tides to the bottom, as when
Animal that is "somewhat heavier" on the front. In quads
independent backing helps. As it is
with pre-tilty control. Steering lock was maintained interiors
to 35%. So you can duster with almost one finger on the other side
The party has created it for each comment. About what's under
The preference does not have an idea.

Soft suspension and pre-tilted steering ...

Soft suspension and
The preliminary steering will destroy you, but you drive higher
quick is no benefit. On the field, in service.
Author: Ľuboš Pilc

On the field it may be a benefit if the grooves easily yield
they are shining, but not on asphalt. And if we already know the Duster field
is good for him. In severe conditions, you can use the mode
Slot, which bits the moment between the axes in a ratio of 50:50 and after
The hand is even a holy holder and a decreasing control. Duster is therefore considered to be
a compelling compromise. It works more valuable than its previous generation and
It will give you more comfort. At the same time he bought his prize.
The base version is still below 10,000 euros. But she stood there
almost twice.

The Duster 4 × 4 Prestige Duster starts at 17,390 euros, and so on
with exquisite external actions and 17-inch discs, but with us
The test model has yet to add a touch for 1,619 euro. Apart from metallic
(490 €) and automatic air conditioning (300 €), camera system
ambitions (250 €), restricted seats or lock open
with a card (200 €) and map traffic from Europe (119 €). But that's right
The result of EUR 19,009 is still the amount where the competition SUV is usually only
Start without driving both the eighth and a fuel-driven engine.
So Duster has kept his largest thrombus, and at the same time a cheap crown outside
best splash.

Dimensions, parts, weights

Length (mm) 4341
Width (mm) 1804
Height (mm) 1682
Rielbase (mm) 2676
Previous match (mm) 841
Front cover (mm) 1580
Clearance (mm) 210
Curb Weight (kg) 1320
Trunk volume (l) 376
Tank bottle (l) 50
Print shop 30th
Forward to the front 33
Reewinkel 21

Technical data

version Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi 4 × 4 Prestige
Number of digits / fences 4/8 SOHC
Cubic capacitance (ccm) 1461
Max. power (kW / rpm) 80/4 000
Max. wreed. moment (Nm / rev.) 260/1 750
Fersnellingsbak 6M
0 – 100 km / h (s) 12.4
Max. Speed ​​(km / h) 169
Consumption per 100 km (l) 4.7
Consumption in test (l) 5.3
Price from & # 39; s version € 17,390
The price of a test problem 19.009 €

Duster 1.5 dCi 4x4 Prestige -

Duster 1.5 dCi 4x4 Prestige -

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