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Tesla could be called. How much has she paid for her name and domain?

Elon Musk has indicated how much Tesla has bought a trademark Tesla Motors, how much has been, and how it would be an alternative if it did not receive a trade mark.

This can not be the case, but the good name of the company or the product can make an important contribution to their success. And it was also the founders of beginnings, which decided to call Tesla Motors, to the genius scientist named Nikola Tesla. The trade mark for this name is however registered by a certain Brad Siewert.

And he did not want to give up. At least not without a "fight", this is a very fun success, the amount earned by selling it. Elon Musk, with a smile on his lips, says, he sent Siewart "the best guy in the company" to negotiate him until he sells. That eventually made the original owner $ 75,000.

This happened in 2004, with Siewart a trademark registration ten years earlier. Last year, California was named "Tesla Motors, Inc." to "Tesla, Inc.". How to get this exclusive name is still unknown to us. Let's try to find it.

A lot more and more expensive purchase of a domain

Elon Musk also said that the domain has been acquired, made the company an incredible amount of money and money. Tesla has only hundreds of products and services in the United States. And that name was respected. The Czech-Slovak electrical factory is also in another form.

Tesla does not want her site on, although at that time they only have electric cars. According to Muska, the company for up to 10 years and cost $ 11 million.

An alternative name is now used by a competitor

Another interesting thing is the alternative name he was considering in time that he could not get a trade mark to use the name of Tesla Motors. The team was "Faraday," the name of another great scientist, Michael Faraday.

This English physicist and scientist served mainly in electromagnetism, including electromagnetic indexing. Today, Faraday Future uses its name as another business, dedicated to the development and production of electrotechnics. Unfortunately, it is currently a major financial problem, and we wish her a lot of happiness.

How does Tesla come from?

Elon Musk is interviewed by CBS as he calls Tesla. Muscle seems to prevent "English-American pronunciation," with "s" to "z", which means "Thezola." Nikola Tesla, however, was originally a Servoer, and so we think the "Slavic" ruling of "Tesla" is good, which most Slavic is most likely to occur.

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