Tuesday , June 15 2021

Telekom improves Magio GO, offers a 7-day archive and simultaneous TV viewing

Magio GO Internet TV gets several enhancements, including the ability to watch TV on multiple devices like a new 7-day TV archive and intelligent program recording. After the new one, you can also combine it in the Magenta 1 group as the Smart package.

The popularity of television broadcasting over the Internet is constantly growing, also due to the ability to watch it in an ever-expanding portfolio of smart TVs and mobile devices. Telekom is therefore the latest improvement in its Magio GO service, which you can order in a new form and in new versions on February 25th.

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The updated Magio GO service offers a total of 140 TV channels. The basic program Magio GO M will offer a package of 40 TV programs and 3 theme packages of your choice. In total, it will offer more than 60 TV channels for 12.90 euros per month.

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The Magio GO L program adds 6 more program packages to the basic programs for the price of 17.90 euros per month. The highest program Magio GO XL already contains a total of 135 channels, of which 63 in HD resolution for 22.90 euros with a commitment of 24 months. The channel offer in the Magio GO service copies the channel grid of the fixed TV service. So if you use the services of Magio TV or Magio SAT, you will have subscribed to your favorite channels in the internet service.

The Magio GO service can also be assigned to the Magenta 1 group and can also be combined as part of a Smart Package with Magio Internet and a fixed line, or for business clients as part of a Smart Business offer in combination with Business NET or Biznisline.

In the case of 120 channels, the updated service also offers a new 7-day TV archive, in which it is possible to play an already broadcast program 7 days ago. The new archive also includes intelligent recording of the show and film, as well as the entire series. Finally, the video rental offers unlimited viewing of the most popular movies and series from domestic and world productions.

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A new feature called “Instant Watching” has been added to the updated service to continue the next session without interruption, as well as a “Continue Watching” feature that allows you to watch a movie on one device and watch it on another device while you stay to watch. at the same point in the film. In addition, the service is now ready to watch video content in 4K UHD resolution.

From the M-program, Magio GO can be controlled on 2 devices at the same time, the extension of this limit to 3 devices is charged a monthly fee of 2 euros. For a fee of 2.99 euros per month, you can also rent the Magio GO TV BOX, which allows you to watch the service on older TVs. This is the so-called plug-and-play solution that does not require drilling or hardware installation.

In addition, the service includes mobile devices with Android 7 or later and iOS 11 or later, Samsung smart TVs with Tizen running from 2017 or later, and smart TVs and set-top boxes with Android TV 7 or later.

You can also view it via a web browser at www.magiogo.sk. The service officially supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox in the Windows environment, while Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox in the macOS environment.

The renewed Magio GO service can be ordered from February 25 on the operator’s website, by phone at the customer line number or in person by visiting any Telecom Center.

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