Thursday , January 20 2022

Square Enix has registered the horror RPG series Parasite Eve in Europe


Does Square want to restore a forgotten row?

If you have the first PlayStation and have known Squaresoft (today Square Enix), you have to know Eve parasite. This mix of horror, inspired by Resident Evil and RPG, played by the company with Final Fantasy, gave an unforgettable and dreamy, horrorous horror with a complicated story full of scientific concepts and reflections. The first part of the parasite Eve is never here, and this is why the Square has registered a brand in Europe. Is downloading again on PS4, remaster or even reboot row? Yes, let's the surprise.

The series of parasites Eve read three parts. Parasit Eve was released in 1998 on PlayStation. A year later, the parasite Eve II persecuted, but it was released in our country, in contrast to the unity. The last part of The 3rd Birthday was released on PSP in 2010, but it was the most popular part of the series in # 39; the criteria and population.

Aya, the chief hero of Parasit Eve

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