Wednesday , January 26 2022

Spotify has its own app for Apple Watch!


Even your watch can be a music library.

Spotify, the biggest music streaming service ten years ago, We are already on our wrists.. Especially smart watch Apple Watch will be released in the next few weeks.

The advantage of the Spotify version for Apple Watch is the ability to listen to music comfortably, such as a clock, while your phone is in a bootable sport. You can connect your app to speakers, headphones, or other devices, but you can not listen to music and podcasts without an Internet connection. However, Spotify is committed to adding offline mode later.


You can start and pause music playback for the first time, skip to the next song, move within 15 seconds, or mark the song as a favorite. You can also add music to your app on your watch and listen to it. You can access your music from your phone. This allows you to switch songs even if your phone remains in your pocket or bag.

"We're excited to bring Apple Spot a new Spotify app for mobile users because we know how important it is to move music." "With this new app, users can enjoy improved experience with better control and seamless connection to speakers or other devices."

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