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Smokers spend 3,000 euros a year. The vice president is involved in more than 20 diseases.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) causes several factors that affect human health. Smoking, air, transportation and some dusty occupations harm lungs most.

Description of the smoker mine 3,000 euros per year: habits are associated with more than 20 diseases.

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"Active smoking is the most dangerous. Participate in
Although there are more than 24 diseases, up to 80% of patients develop COPD.
Dependence on tobacco is considered globally by WHO World Organization.
Pandemic. One-third of the world's population over the age of 15 and 9-year-old smokers
18 of 10 smokers start smoking. In 1990
CHOCHP is the sixth most common cause of death in the world today.
It will be the fourth and probably third in 2020. in the past
Slovakia smoked more men. We are registering more and more women. Especially
They play more women than boys. "
Monday in the press
The meeting in Bratislava was introduced by Helena Leščišinová.

The lecture is November –
Lung door in the world of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
International Day without Smoking. Current Foundation Representative
Funds for a healthy lung regularly provide preventive education and education.
Activities for the public. This is also important because smokers are smokers.
They do not realize the inconspicuous appearance of illnesses that can irreversibly damage the lungs.
Smoking does not hurt and its adverse effects are gradual. Unlike vessels
An accident or heart attack does not suddenly die, but the disease

According to SR's senior health specialist
Marty Hájková's pneumology and phytiology, underestimated by many smokers
It is harmful to this habit.

Although chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can not be cured, early diagnosis and use
Proper treatment can increase the quality of life for patients up to 25 years.
However, many patients have no discipline

"The lungs have been drinking clean air.
The patient comes to the doctor only at the stage of disease progression.
It is more serious. The results of continuous inflammation of the body are as follows.
Diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoporosis,
40% suffered from cardiovascular disease, anemia and depression
COPD patients. Known people smoke in public places
We have many TV shows on TV where they often smoke. bad.
Especially young people "
Hájková says.

Severe progressive pulmonary disease begins with dyspnea,
Chronic cough and mucus production. Chest pain,
Frequent fatigue, decreased muscle mass and other symptoms. Maintenance
Healthy lungs have many healthful forms of prevention.

"Smoking is the only drug available.
Enjoy it impotently. On average,
3000. There is also a huge increase in medical expenses. The error is
Health cards do not tell who smokes. Except for the disadvantages
The impact on the area closest to you makes smoking a lot bigger.
Social damages. For example,
Hôrka "
Leščišina added.

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