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Slovakians identify young Russians. Ramsay coach – National team – Hockey – Sports



10.11.2018 07:16

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Slovakia Hockey player before training Olympic choice of Russia.

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Slovakia's hockey players are waiting for their second match in the German Cup after a free kick. Today they will oppose the Olympic selection of Russia (17.00).

Opponent Peter Čerešňák and striker Michal are given the opportunity
Christopher and David Soltas. They are Juraj Mikuš, Marcel Haščák and
Miloš Bubel, must return to the final match.
Sunday meeting for Germany. Catch again.
Jaroslav Janus.

"We've talked a lot more about working during the three games.
Within four days, we want to fine-tune the details, method, and location.
We want to play, how to get a pass and how to open a space.
Skating, "coach Craig Ramsay said yesterday.

Craig Ramsay (left) and General
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Jaroslav Janus (left)
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His winner was lost in his first game against Switzerland 2: 3 when he failed.
The attack of the opponent in the second game. Ramsey wants to meet with Russia.
Avoid mistakes several times.

"Boys work hard, but it's also important to make things smarter.
I want to help them understand what I want and where they should go and what to do.
Play, "he stressed.

"The Russian Olympic ice hockey players are talented.
Technology. So we talked about training if they did not have a puck.
Better than other teams. Our top priority is to put the puck on a stick
We are pursuing the goal, "he said.

Peter Čerešňák will premiere against the Russian team.

"I have a day off, and I feel good. We often do not get a chance.
When watching hockey only on TV. It was up and down,
We have a chance. We have not used them. The Swiss punished us.
Power play. If we can, we should go with the Russians.
Skating, we can win, "he said.

"The Russians have all the KHL players, and the ability to fight is important.
We must win a personal fight to get a chance for success. "
Michal Krištof.

In the national team he goes back to the position of the winged center.
Radovan Puliš and Dávid Šoltés. "I felt better in the middle.
More space and I can be more creative than wings. "

Slovakia takes the final match against Germany on Sunday (14:30).
RTVS broadcasts to two people.

Slovenia Slovakia

Janus – Čerešňák, Sersen, Grman, Maleč, Chovan, Ďaloga, Rosandič,
Gernát – Lantosi, Sukla, Bondra – Svitana, Spirko, Lunter – Kudrna,
Kytnár, Rapáč – Puliš, Krištof, Šoltés.

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