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Should people who are fully vaccinated still be quarantined after being exposed to COVID-19?

People still have a lot of questions about COVID-19 faxes. Frank McGeorge works from 4 local teams to answer as many answers as possible.

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Since the introduction of faxes, thousands of viewers have submitted questions about fax machines in particular.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently updated its guidelines as it learns more about new vaccines and new strains. The recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) may evolve as new information becomes available.

According to the latest CDC guidelines, people who are fully vaccinated are not required to be quarantined after exposure when they meet All of them From the following criteria:

  • They are completely indoctrinated

  • Within 3 months after the last dose

  • He has been asymptomatic since COVID exposure

At first glance, the three-month limit may seem strange, but the goal is to protect as many people as possible from the incomplete information we have now. As we learn more, the guidelines will be revised.


The three-month time frame comes from estimates of how long protection lasts after a natural disaster.

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We do not know exactly how long the vaccines will protect people – it can take much longer than three months – but time will tell. Currently, the orientation is three months.

Participants in the original studies that were used to obtain the emergency use permit are more than three months away from their vaccination, so it is expected that follow-up data on how long the immunity will last will be available soon.

One thing we do know is that vaccines prevent people from dying or getting sick from COVID-19, and it’s well worth it.

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