Saturday , January 22 2022

Samsung introduced the new color of Galaxy Note 9 as winter


Conclusions and charges on Galaxy Note 9 have therefore definitively been affixed.

Galaxy Note 9 is a great smartphone that Samsung introduced in our early August. Currently it is available in five different colors – distinguished Blue Ocean, then black, pink, copper and silver. These colors have now been added is totally present for the season we enter.

It's white. Galaxy Note 9 in snow "jacket" was introduced yesterday (as Paradoxically on Black Friday) in Taiwan. The front of the cellphone has not changed, but the back is all white. In addition, the Pen with a few. I must say that I enjoy this color rendering more than one original. On the other hand, mobile parameters are similar to that of other color versions.

Source: Samsung Taiwan

In Taiwan, the blank note 9 will be announced next month,just before Christmas. The price is not, as expected with a mobile such as Note 9, is empty. In Taiwan, it will be sold for $ 1,000.

Note 9 in color is only for Taiwan. We do not know how to become the other countries, but there is a great chance that we will see in the future. But often, until December, Samsung is a demand.

Source: Samsung Taiwan

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