Friday , February 3 2023

Raper Rhythm was called by Markzy's moderator. Television moved work to lawyer. | television


TV Markíza decided to respond to the vulgar expression mentioned by Slovak raper Patrik "Rytmus" Vrbovský. He laughed publicly after posting photos on his Instagram profile on the web portal. Television lawyers were also involved in the dispute.

Information about TV attorney's involvement brought plus one day each day. Marquis decided to act after Instagram's radar repeatedly displeased the operator of the Teleráno show.

In the morning TV made an appointment with the speaker Jasmine Alagich. The input was used to preview the article on the TV's web portal and during this time Markíza managed to read it.

The pair of pictures was also attached to the article with a vague description. Musicians often use tricks on their photos in the Instagram public profile. In this case, he told journalists who claim to "steal" the photo (do not steal my photo, elephant **).

As some rhythmic media scolded obscene comments in the photographs, Markíza proceeded basically by inserting content into his site via so-called "embed". This post has not been edited, and pornography pornography in the morning has appeared.

I was surprised when Adriana Poláková and Daro Richter's followers saw the vulgarity, but they did not comment. Shortly thereafter, he followed the news block.

Raper responded to this situation again in Instagram on Marquis's broadcast. In a post captured by a TV broadcaster, he spoke maliciously at his address and laughed. He classified them as "criminal" and "buzerant".

A. Poláková was interested in all of these things and made a light mention of these contributions. Instagram's public TV profile gave him a unique "heart". But TV leadership has blamed this communication without looking too busy.

"TV Markíza is far from Vrbovský's stark and aggressive remarks, he announced using a photo on his public profile, the way he attacks moderators is not appropriate and is ready to take further legal action. .sk used the material posted on Mr. Vrbovský's public profile under the law.

Rhythm's fiance Jasmina Alagich is currently the face of the Marquis and is currently postponed on his show. The face is said to have been a superstar before. Singer Rytmus, who was in charge of the evaluator, and another project voice from the Czech Republic participated in the song competition.

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